Review of Morgan Picks From Denmark

Guitar picks are a plentiful resource. Often expensive, you can now buy guitar pick makers which you can use to create picks out of old credit cards and bits of plastic. So, we were interested in running the rule over Morgan Picks who are based in Denmark. Here is what we thought.


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Morgan Picks – About The Company

Morgan Picks is a new company run by two brothers based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Their mission statement is to make picks that are both economically competitive along with being better than the current myriad of options on offer. Amazingly, neither of the two brother morgan picksteam, Nick and Marc, actually play guitar! They feel that this is actually a strength to their plectrum development. It means they are coming to the marketplace unfettered by preconceived ideas of what a good pick should be.

The Current Range

Currently, Morgan Picks have one pick on offer which comes in the colours of black, white and blue. It has to be said that Nick and Marc deserve a medal for moving into such an overcrowded market. Plectrums and the companies that make them are everywhere, however, it is one of those things that guitarists want and lose often. Most guitar players are willing to try different types. Plectrums are not as cheap as they used to be and this is one area within the market that the guys are aiming at.

The Manufacturing Of The Pick Range

The company works by creating their range through injection moldings and the company website describe the range as both flat and solid. We are not experts in this field, but we thought that all picks these days were created and designed this way?

How The Picks Look & Feel

You can see from the picture that the picks are pretty chunky and feel strong when held. They are not the big variety of pick and for some, this may be a bit off putting. When we morgan picks blackroad tested them they had a good even impact on the strings. They were equally good regardless of whether single lines or chords were being played. The picks are quite thick as the promo material suggests which is great as thin picks are the bane of most guitar players when looking for tonal interest from the string.

The picks have small bumps where the fingers hold them and this would be to stop slippage. We felt that the plastic used or the coating on the picks actually still meant they felt a little slippy at times. This is not unusual when it comes to plectrums and by licking your fingers an adhesive bond is made between the fingers and the pick.

You can see that there is a curvature towards the pick edge which is on both sides. This is to help in accurate string engagement.

Who Are These Picks For?

Whether an individual likes these picks or not is obviously up to them. We are not sure that the size of these picks would work for bassists. We felt they are certainly thick enough to take the impact of a bass string. These picks will go down well with rock guitarists and the metal Morgan Picks whiteand shredder community, but they will not be confined specifically to these areas. Jazz players and those looking for a pick that gives a real bounce when playing rhythm will also find them a delight to play.

An area that we feel Morgan Picks should target is beginners. Let’s face it there is a lot more of them and for some reason, beginners always go for the shark fin picks that are as thin as paper. If they extend their range with a “pick for beginners” then they will surely start to eat into the market. This is an area that needs to be addressed by the creation of a good solid pick for guitar starters.

In Conclusion

Morgan Picks are a young company. As stated on their website, by utilising an extensive range of product testers they come up with products that are designed by guitarists for guitarists. This is despite the owners of the company not playing guitar!

Their picks are good value for money and have a great “zing” on the string. For the more experienced guitarists these picks are definitely worth checking out. We look forward to seeing an expanding range from the brothers from Copenhagen.

You can buy the picks through their website which is detailed below, or if you are in Copenhagen give them an email. By the way, Copenhagen is a wonderful place to go for a holiday. A very beautiful city and the Danes are a friendly people.

Website: To visit Morgan Picks click this link


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This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, Guitar & Music Institute may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.