Episode 3 – Interview With Virtuoso Jazz Guitarist Nigel Clark

Nigel Clark is one of Scotland's finest guitarists. His professional career as a guitar player has included work with big name pop & rock bands, world renown singers as well as guitar players of international fame. In this candid interview, Nigel discusses his life and work and gives insight into his thoughts on individuality in music, the Internet and playing as a professional musician.


Nigel Clark Jazz Guitarists – A Performing Musician

Nigel Clark is one of Scotland’s finest jazz guitarists. His incredible musicality and amazing technique have made him one of the most sought after players not only in his native Scotland, but in Europe and beyond. Find out more about his career, view on music education and how to create an individual sound in the interview that follows.


Nigel Clark Jazz Guitarist

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Podcast Ep 3 – Table Of Contents

  • 1.02 Which Nigel Clark is this?
  • 2.10 Working as a session musician in London.
  • 5.43 Hue & Cry, backing Madonna and stadium rock.
  • 9.57 Rock & pop or jazz…or both?
  • 11.42 Playing with Moya Brenna of Clannad & Gloria Gaynor.
  • 14.28 Moving to jazz…almost!
  • 17.42 The influence of Django Reinhardt.
  • 21.03 Django guitar competitions and individuality.
  • 23.09 The changing world and music fans.
  • 25.19 The life of a performing musician.
  • 30.00 Learning to play music.
  • 31.05 State sponsored education.
  • 34.00 Bill and Oscar.
  • 35.50 How individuality creates a unique voice.
  • 36.47 Bach’s brother and Pachelbel.
  • 39.48 The Internet and Youtube.
  • 42.50 Current tour dates and touring in today’s world.
  • 48.56 Final thoughts on music and art.

Nigel Clark’s website – get their by clicking NIGEL CLARK WEBSITE

Nigel On Youtube

There are a lot of videos on Youtube where Nigel can be seen playing in numerous musical settings. Here is a selection through the years, but there are a lot more for you to view.

With Hue & Cry…

With Philip Catherine…

With Gloria Gaynor…

With SGQ (Scottish Guitar Quartet)…

With Koshka…

Nigel Clark on iTunes

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