Episode 29 – Richard Kaiser of Wikiloops

Have you ever felt the urge to join with others in a collaborative composition project? If you have then Wikiloops is what you are looking for. Listen on to hear Richard Kaiser discuss the huge online community made up of musicians from around the world.


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Wikiloops – Richard Kaiser on Creating an online community of shared compositions and friendships.

Richard Kaiser

Wikiloops was created by Richard Kaiser and is now seven years old. In that time Wikiloops has built up a huge online community of musicians from around the world. Creating new music in a “ping pong” fashion where creativity is shared. In this GMI podcast episode, Ged Brockie speaks to Richard about Wikiloops, why he created it and the trials and tribulations of running a burgeoning website (as well as all the good stuff too!).

Podcast Ep 29 – Table Of Contents

0.13 Opening music – Wikiloops.
3.11 About Richard and what Wikiloops is.
6.24 The community behind the concept.
9.32 How do people find Wikiloops?
16.12 The ongoing checks regarding copyright material.
26.00 Dealing with issues around the creative process.
37.44 The many languages the site has been interpreted into.
42.18 Covering the costs of running the business.
44.54 Why Richard is not going the Kickstarter route.
49.27 The percentage share for each region of the world on Wikiloops.
53.59 Taking Wikiloops around the world?

Video Material From Wikiloops

Wikiloops 7th year anniversary  video.

A message from Richard Kaiser

The Wikiloops Engine Room!

Links To Wikiloops Online Content

If you feel inspired to start collaborating with musicians around the world after listening to the Wikiloops podcast with Richard Kaiser then here are the links you need to find out more. Wikiloops is not about any one individual but about a community of musicians who enjoy working together.

Wikiloops website Wikiloops

The Wikiloops Youtube Channel.

The Facebook page for Wikiloops.

Instagram Wikiloops Instagram.

If you use Twitter here is Wikiloops on Twitter.

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This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, Guitar & Music Institute may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.



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