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Episode 48 – Help Musicians: A Pandemic Lifeline!

Help Musicians
It Is Not An Overstatement To Say That The Charity "Help Musicians" Have Made The Difference Between Many Musicians Surviving Or Going Under Across The UK. The pandemic has hit so many people in all walks of live very hard. For many in the arts, the actual foundations that underpin their lives has been taken away; the opportunity to perform...

Episode 47 – Jim McCutcheon – A Real American Guitar Hero

Jim McCutcheon
Jim McCutcheon has a musical life that will inspire you. Based in Ohio, Jim is part of the musical lifeblood of the city and state.  Honored by the State of Ohio, Jim McCutcheon's musical story is an incredible journey of giving and service which you'll find enthralling. Jim McCutcheon as well as being a musician in residence at the University of...

Episode 46 – Wristruments – A New Way To Learn Guitar With Your Watch!

A New App Which Makes Use Of The Apple iWatch To Learn Guitar Is Arriving Soon...   Heard of Wristruments yet? If not, check out this podcast which details the app, work and company set up by Joe Corcoran which helps people learn to play guitar by using your watch! Interested? Thought so, click for more... Joe Corcoran takes part in this...

Episode 45 – Professor Adam Ballif And Private Music Studio 2 App

Adam Ballif
For teachers looking to keep track of student work & assignments a new lightweight Apple App may just fit the bill.   Private Music Studio 2 is for music teachers who want to track the progress of their students taking private lessons. Student information may be organized by semester including weekly lesson assignments, grades, and notes about student performances, accompanists, and...

Episode 44 – Musicians & Live Streaming With Andi Lippi

Andi Lippi
As the pandemic continues to prevent most musicians from performing is live streaming a possible alternative for you? Live streaming expert Andi Lippi, possibly the most outwardly positive man on the planet right now, explains why and how you can reach a huge new audience   Ged Brockie has undertaken several podcast interviews with musicians who are dealing with the effects...

Episode 43 – Musicians Living in Lockdown with Jean Johnson

This podcast interview is with renown classical clarinetist Jean Johnson. Jean discusses everything from odd auditions to lock down to her new ensemble Metamorphoses.   Jean Johnson is in heavy demand as a performer, teacher and as the leader of her own ensemble named Metamorphoses. The pandemic has put the brakes on a huge amount of work as well as the...

Episode 42 – Phil Curran: Breaking Into & Creating A Career As A Composer In Film & TV

Phil Curran Film & TV Composer
Many Are Called....Few Are Chosen! Many Would Love A Career As A Composer In Film & TV But Few Actually Make It. This Podcast Features Composer Phil Curran Who Has Broken Into This Magical Musical World. Have you ever listened to the music at the movies or when watching a TV show and thought "I'd love to do that"...well so...

Episode 41 – Musicians Living In Lockdown with Honza Kourimsky

Guitar podcast
We are just starting to come out of one of the strangest times that any of us will possibly ever face with the Covid 19 pandemic. Ged Brockie of GMI talks with up and coming guitar maestro Honza Kourimsky about being a musician in these lock down days. Most people agree that it is a hard life being a...

Episode 40 – Creating a Community Guitar group with Chris Dixon

Guitar podcast Episode 40
Have you ever considered or even thought about community guitar groups? In this podcast, Chris Dixon explains his journey to creating more than just a one on one teaching practice. Ever felt that one to one tuition, whilst the best way to teach guitar, or indeed any instrument is a bit...well, sort of isolated? Would it not be great...

Episode 39 – Justin Dolezy of Neck Diagrams

Neck Diagrams 2
Ged Brockie Of GMI Discusses The Incredible Piece Of Guitar Software That No Guitarist Should Be Without Called "Neck Diagrams" With It's Creator Justin Dolezy. We've all done it. Grabbed and scribbled down a bunch of lines and created our own chord boxes to then remember the latest and best chord, scale or arpeggio. Perhaps it was a bunch...