Episode 47 – Jim McCutcheon – A Real American Guitar Hero


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Jim McCutcheon has a musical life that will inspire you. Based in Ohio, Jim is part of the musical lifeblood of the city and state. 

Honored by the State of Ohio, Jim McCutcheon’s musical story is an incredible journey of giving and service which you’ll find enthralling.

Jim McCutcheon as well as being a musician in residence at the University of Dayton, runs a music store which undertakes a huge amount of guitar and musical tuition for guitarists in the city.  

Jim McCutcheon podcast

As if the above was not enough, Jim reviews a large selection of CDs every month as well as performing, teaching, creating articles for magazines and more. Learn about this dynamic musician who has given so much and inspired so many.


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Podcast Ep 47 – Table Of Contents

2.18 Jim talks about his musical background.

5.18 Studying physics at university.

7.18 Going on the road.

10.57 Physics, harmonics and music.

13.18 Being Nominated and receiving the Ohio Governor’s award.

21.29 Recording artist and tour of Russia.

27.05 Jim discusses his involvement with Soundboard magazine.

35.48 The need to build a portfolio of skills in today’s world.

41.51 How Jim views the future. 

Links To Jim McCutcheon:

Jim’s excellent Facebook page which is well worth a visit.

If you’re interesting in studying guitar in Dayton University, her is Jim’s profile on the universities website.

Discover Classical where Jim host’s his radio shows.

Soundboard Magazine and the Guitar Foundation of America 

This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, Guitar & Music Institute may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.