Episode 6 – Interview With Music Producer Calum Malcolm.

Calum Malcolm is one of the finest producers, recording engineer in the world. The artists he has recorded is far too long to list here, but here is a taste: Mark Knopfler, Simple Minds, Sandi Thom, John Taverner, Tommy Smith, Aly Bain, Big Country, The Blue Nile, Lau, Wet Wet Wet. In this podcast Calum discusses his early recording experience, the way he developed his business as well as giving his thoughts on how to become a sound producer and the skills needed to succeed.


Calum Malcolm Has Recorded Some Of The Biggest Names In Music. Hear What He Has To Say About Music, Tech., Education & More.

Calum Malcolm
Calum Malcolm is without doubt one of the finest recording engineers/producers in the world today. From his work with “The Blue Nile”, to “Fish”, Mark Knopfler, Aly Bain, his numerous orchestral recordings and more, Calum’s thoughts on the recording industry, technology, education and the future of recording need to be listened to.

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Podcast Ep 6 – Table Of Contents

  • 1.08 Early introduction to recording.
  • 4.80 The first studio in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • 8.37 The size and weight of equipment in the sixties.
  • 7.08 Working in a HI-FI shop.
  • 9.18 Starting a degree at the Leeds College of Music.
  • 10.18 The first paid recording sessions.
  • 12.15 Astronomy no more.
  • 16.12 Studying electronics at college.
  • 17.05 The creation of Castle Sound 1974.
  • 21.00 Recording different types of music.
  • 22.50 Thoughts on sound production education courses.
  • 26.37 What sound production trainees need to know.
  • 32.30 Working with Linn Records?
  • 34.50 Working with Stéphane Grappelli.
  • 36.20 Military recordings.
  • 38.40 Neve desks.
  • 42.49 Favorite microphones
  • 43.30 The march of technology and thoughts on early DAWs
  • 50.18 Listening to music.
  • 53.56 The future of audio recording.

More About Calum

You can find out all about Calum’s past and present work at his website Calum Malcolm.

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  1. Fascinating insight, a real gem of a podcast with a world class producer and sound engineer. Thank you both Calum and Ged for a really informative hour of listening.


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