Episode 18 – Inventor Sheldon Lavineway & Mitch Helten of Breeze

Anyone can come up with an idea, but coming up with a good idea is something totally different. Even then, having a good ideas does not necessarily mean that it takes the market by storm. Remember the automatic tuning guitars...nobody seems to be buying into that much. With this in mind, we look at a new product and the men behind it, the Breeze Tri-Stand which could revolutionise the way we see guitar and instrument stands in general.


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The Next Big Kickstarter Guitar Project – Breeze Tri-Stand For Guitar

breeze tri-stand

Many people have the idea of inventors as almost mad scientists stuck in the basement working away on some crazy new invention that has no worldly use. Nothing could be further from the truth when GMI interviewed Sheldon Lavineway and his business partner Mitch Helten. Their company “Breeze” has created a guitar stand that can collapse into your hand. Could the days of lugging around numerous clumsy but necessary guitar stands be nearly over? This interview includes details how they are taking this incredible new guitar product to the world and their plans for the future.

Podcast Ep 18 – Table Of Contents

1.45 Sheldon and Mitch introductions.
3.08 The first invention “Double Whammy”.
5.22 Designing a new products, what is needed.
8.00 The rough and tumble of business.
10.55 Mitch Helten describes his background and role in Breeze.
20.43 Developing the Breeze Tri-Stand.
24.06 Dealing with patents.
26.57 Timeline for production of the Tri-Stand.
32.52 Looking to the future.


The people that make up Breeze Inventions

Mitch Helten
Entrepreneur Mitch Helten
Sheldon Lavineway
Inventor Sheldon Lavineway







Here is a Youtube video of Sheldon demonstrating the Breeze Tri-Stand for guitar.

An image which shows the Breeze Tri-Stand from various angles.













The featured image which is also shown below shows the wide range of instruments that will eventually be catered for with the Breeze Tri-stand system.

Breeze tri standHere are videos of Sheldon’s previous inventions starting with the “Double Whammy”.

the “Trem King Vibrato System”…

and the Flex Stix which helped drummers feel like they are playing real drums when practicing with electronic kits.

Resources & Links Mentioned In The Podcast

The company website for Breeze Inventions.

Find out more about Sheldon Lavineway at his website.

The Breeze Tri-Stand Kickstarter page where you can donate and receive rewards for supporting this product.


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This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, Guitar & Music Institute may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.