Blank Guitar Chord Boxes & TAB Books

When GMI brought out a couple of ancillary books to help guitarists with ideas around chords, scales, arpeggios and music ideas we didn't think they would have much impact. We were proven wrong, however, as they obviously been a great help and a useful aid to guitar players around the world.


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Ever Popular Blank Guitar Chord Boxes & TAB Books From GMI

blank guitar chord boxes

GMI continues to build it’s publication stock with the latest book Scales You Can Use! selling in great numbers which is great to see but it’s blank guitar chord boxes and TAB books that sell like hotcakes! When we decided to launch a line of books that were not educational, but support based we did not think much about it. As usual, this is when you are surprised by the outcome.

Blank Guitar Chord Boxes (Diagrams)

There is not really that much to say about this book other than it says what it does on the tin! It’s a book which gives you one hundred pages of blank chord diagrams with sixteen well spaced boxes of five frets for each box.

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You can use this book to keep all your ideas re chords, scales and arpeggios in one handy place, no more endless scraps of paper messing up your room or house. No more concepts that you’re working on being lost or thrown out.

So, if you are looking for a handy book to keep the clutter down to a minimum and to keep all your guitar ideas in one place, this has to be a winner! Check out our blank guitar chord boxes book which is very competitively priced.

Guitar TAB Notebook

The second book that we have come up with for helping guitarists out is another simple concept. The book again comprises of one hundred pages and this time it’s just plain TAB. When we first created this book we didn’t think that it would be that popular. However, just like the blank guitar chord boxes publication how wrong could we be! This has proved every bit as useful and guitarists from around the world have been buying it up in increasing numbers.

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The book includes a treble clef staff and underneath a six string TAB for all your ideas. The only barlines that exist are at the end of each staff system so you can cut up the staff line in as many bars as you wish.

Other Helpful Books Coming Soon From GMI

We are now looking at bringing out a practice diary for instrumentalists which will enable guitarists and musicians of any instrument a sound way to record their practice routines. It’s as much to do with knowing what you are not practising as much as what you are.

For further reading on the publications currently available from GMI – Guitar & Music Institute, please check out our guitar books for sale section. Note, all our guitar publications are available to purchase from Amazon and all good online retailers. We also offer low cost guitar PDF download publications from the Guitar & Music Institute online store.

This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, Guitar & Music Institute may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.