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One of the best parts of running an online guitar lesson website is hearing from the people who use it. Without you, there would be no point.

So, please get in touch with us and tell us what you think about GMI – Guitar & Music Institute.

  • If you would like us to produce specific guitar lessons or material.
  • If you would like to advertise with us but first download or Media pack (bottom of page).
  • You are a guitarist who has a music or guitar book you want to publish then we can get you out there.
  • If you have a guitar or music related product you would like us to review.

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Guitar & Music Institute

Guitar & Music Online Learning Ltd.
Edinburgh, Scotland

Email: Contact us by email

About us

GMI – Guitar & Music Institute offers the very best in online guitar tuition. We create online HD video lessons as well as PDF and backing track materials for our learners.

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    Episode 52 – Interview With Kostas Vaporidis

    Greek guitarist player, teacher and composer Kostas Vaporidis has joined the GMI team on our new website for guitar players titled GMI Premium. Kostas...
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