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Episode 18 – Inventor Sheldon Lavineway & Mitch Helten of Breeze


The Next Big Kickstarter Guitar Project – Breeze Tri-Stand For Guitar

breeze tri-stand

Many people have the idea of inventors as almost mad scientists stuck in the basement working away on some crazy new invention that has no worldly use. Nothing could be further from the truth when GMI interviewed Sheldon Lavineway and his business partner Mitch Helten. Their company “Breeze” has created a guitar stand that can collapse into your hand. Could the days of lugging around numerous clumsy but necessary guitar stands be nearly over? This interview includes details how they are taking this incredible new guitar product to the world and their plans for the future.

Famous Guitarists on Twitter

Famous Guitarists on Twitter – Finding, Following and Engage

famous guitarists on Twitter

As the subtitle outlines, finding famous guitarists on Twitter has made it very easy to actually make contact with people you admire in the guitar world. Now you can (at least in theory) hear directly from your guitar idols.

The Amazing Artistry Of Guitar Tattoos

Got Any Guitar Tattoos? Check Out These & See How Yours Stack Up



There was a time when the odds of people getting a tattoo added meant that you were either on the looney fringe or you were a sailor. Not anymore. Tattoos are big business with Tattoo parlours popping up all over the place. Getting a tattoo inked onto your body is an expensive, reasonably painful and pretty permanent addition to your body. That’s why it’s important to make sure the tattoo kicks ass! We’d thought we’d showcase a selection of guitar tattoos that really do make the eyes boggle with their incredible artistry shown by the tattooist’s that create them.

Discovering Guitar Infographics!

Guitar Infographics – A Picture Says A Thousand Words


Guitar Infographics what are they? Well, everyone likes a picture or image. Why? Well the fact is that we still can gather more information from imagery in a quicker fashion than we can from the written word. Infographics have become not only popular, but big business on the Internet. Artists and musicians from around the world are creating beautiful image artwork that covers a huge amount of guitar related information. This article looks at just a little of what is out there to whet your appetite.

Episode 17 – A Cautionary Tale For All Musicians


Ever Been Ripped Off As A Musician? If Not Then Listen To This Podcast

A cautionary tale for all musicians


Getting consistent and well paid work can be hard, getting ripped off once you’ve done it is a whole different matter. Find out how you can prevent this happening to you.

Is The Guitar Losing It’s Mojo As Technology Moves On?

Is The Guitar Losing It's Mojo

Is The Guitar Losing It’s Mojo A Question Worth Asking?

This month we ran an article which built on the Washington post’s recent column on falling guitar sales. The piece looked at the initial Washington post article all about the death of the electric guitar and the response online from various commentators, vloggers etc. With this in mind, we thought we’d look at the new ideas around the guitar and technology. What we found are ideas that are melding Guitar Hero concepts to mainstream guitar playing and we ask Is The Guitar Losing It’s Mojo?

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