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Episode 36 – Jazz Guitarist Tom Lippincott

Tom Lippincott is a highly respected professional guitarist based in Florida, USA. This interview was meant to be broad ranging, however, Tom’s eight string guitar (yes you read that correctly) took up almost the entire show!

Tom Lippincott jazz guitarist

One thing that non-musicians should understand is that the world is full of great musicians, however, very few can actually claim to make a living from predominantly playing music. This podcast interview is with one such musician Tom Lippincott.

Tom is an incredibly accomplished musician who also teaches guitar. Just take a look at one of his many Youtube video lessons (link below) and you’ll immediately be struck by his knowledge and ability to clearly communicate his message.

As the headline notes, this interview didn’t get much past Tom’s eight string guitar but we are hopeful that we can talk with Tom again in the near future as there is a lot more to discuss!


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Episode 35 – Interview with Nate Savage of Guitareo

It’s a fast changing world out there and the effects of the digital revolution are all around. In the world of guitar there are many new success stories, one of which is Guitareo led by guitarist Nate Savage.

Nate Savage from Guitareo

There is a lot of choice out there when it comes to learning to play guitar, however, some website and offerings stand out from the crowd and Guitareo is definitely one online guitar resource worth looking at. More than just a bunch of videos, it crucially, offers a community learning experience far beyond the usual guitar Youtube experience.

Guitareo is part of a larger organisation that also offers tuition in drums and the piano to name just two other elements. Find out what this excellent resource is all about and the person who heads up the guitar tuition side of things in this podcast.

Episode 34 – Interview Rewind & Update With Andy Squires


In September 2017, Andy Squires was interviewed for GMI’s “Musician’s Moving Online” series (episode 20) as Andy planned the release of his first album under the name TercelVoice. Fifteen months later, we hear how his first release has fared and what advice he has for other singer songwriters.

Andy Squires singer songwriter

If you are a singer/songwriter, or indeed any kind of musician who is thinking about releasing a recording and well, you’re just not sure if you should do it then you need to listen to this podcast from GMI with Andy Squires.

Andy’s positive attitude shines through and his true story of what has happened to him over the course of one year just shines through.


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Episode 33 – Interview With LEAP Inventor Paul Holcomb


Paul Holcomb and his new concept for guitar pick players – LEAP the Ergonomic Guitar Pick.

Paul Holcomb


When Paul Holcomb decided to revisit guitar playing he was frustrated in part by using a plectrum. With a background in design, Paul decided it was time to do something about it and the LEAP concept was born. Almost space aged in design, Paul talks about the development of this new concept and developing it for a new generation of guitar players.

2 Chord Songs

2 Chord Songs – Beginner Guitar Learn Hit Tunes Fast

2 chord songs, do they really write hit songs consisting of just two chords? The answer is yes they do and we’ve created a beautiful book for both print and download for just that reason. You’ve heard of songs consisting of only three chords right? Well, believe us when we say there lots of amazing two chord songs out there to learn. Find out about the long list of 2 chord guitar songs you can learn and the book we’ve created around them.

Jazz Guitar Roundup September 2018

Jazz Guitar Roundup September 2018 – Latest News


It’s been three months since the last jazz guitar roundup so in this months jazz guitar roundup September 2018 we’ve got all the latest news from around the world of jazz guitar. Get in touch if you would like us to feature your gig, CD release or news.

First 50 Jazz Standards You Should Play on Guitar First 50 Jazz Standards You Should Play on Guitar 5 Reviews £11.59 £10.99

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Pentatonic Guitar Scales Course

Get You Scales Down With This Pentatonic Guitar Scales Course

Root Notes In Minor Pentatonic Scales

This pentatonic guitar scales course has been asked for so much and we were delighted to launch this five lesson course. As usual, all material is free and it covers a large amount of musical ground.

The course is led by GMI favourite Gary Clinton. Gary has taught so many guitarists over the years and has a wealth of knowledge to impart which he has of course done in this minor pentatonic course of lessons.

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Episode 32 – Interview With Drooble Founder Melina Krumova


It’s hard to get noticed as a musician these days, so if there is anything out there that can help, you should grab it with both hands. Drooble is a powerful new website for musicians. Ged Brockie talks with founder Melina Krumova about this new force in online music.

Melina Krumova Drooble

Melina Krumova is a musician based in Bulgaria. She is the force behind the music networking site “Drooble”. If you’ve never heard of the website and you create music then you really need to get over there and start being part of one of the fastest growing networking and music exploration sites on the net today. GMI founder Ged Brockie discusses Drooble, finding music and the future plans for the company.

Rock Guitar Roundup August 2018

Rock Guitar Roundup August 2018 News

rock guitar roundup august 2018

It’s rock guitar roundup august 2018 time, it’s been three months since the last rock guitar roundup, where does the time fly! There is plenty of great articles, videos and news snippets for you to get your teeth into, enjoy!

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