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How to Play Hey Joe ahead of new Jimi Hendrix album


Revisit and learn how to play Hey Joe the Jimi Hendrix classic as new album is announced!!

How to Play "Hey Joe" ahead of new Jimi Hendrix posthumous albumLet’s face it, practically every guitarist can learn something from Jimi Hendrix’s playing. As a new album of his recordings is about to be released, what better time to learn how to play Hey Joe, one of his classic tunes.

Classical Guitar Roundup


Classical Guitar Roundup For December 2017


The news from the classical guitar world was missed out last month, so with many apologies, here we have stories from around the world.

How To Play A Little Piece Of Heaven By Avenged Sevenfold

A Little Piece Of Heaven As Band Release Album!

how to play a little piece of heaven

Incredibly exciting news as we give you the latest on the band’s release! Here is what the world’s music press is saying and then learn how to play A Little Piece Of Heaven.

Jazz Guitar Roundup


Jazz Guitar Roundup December 2017

jazz guitar roundup December 2017




It’s that time again folks where we bring you the best from the web universe and this article is of course focusing on jazz guitar in our jazz guitar roundup December 2017.

How to play “Welcome To The Jungle” as Guns & Roses Announce Tour


Welcome To The Jungle – Learn to play now!


Welcome to the jungle, just one of a battery of songs from the above band! It’s hard to overestimate the lasting power and reach of Guns and Roses. As we provide you with videos of one of their most loved songs “Welcome To The Jungle”, first we look at the news that the band has announced a new tour for 2018.

Rock Guitar Roundup


Rock Guitar Roundup For October 2017

rock guitar roundup october 2017


Rock guitar roundup for October 2017. It’s that time of month again where we highlight the stories that have been making waves in the press, online and across social media. We take stories from most English speaking countries. If you’d like to be involved and have your news up here, get in touch.

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