Episode 41 – Musicians Living In Lockdown with Honza Kourimsky


We are just starting to come out of one of the strangest times that any of us will possibly ever face with the Covid 19 pandemic. Ged Brockie of GMI talks with up and coming guitar maestro Honza Kourimsky about being a musician in these lock down days.

Honza Kourimsky guitarist
Honza Kourimsky in action leading one of his many bands

Most people agree that it is a hard life being a musician. Doing something you love for at times not a lot of money. Add on to that the fact that music scenes are witnessing a contraction in places to play live music and a general public’s view in many cases that somehow “music should be free” makes it even tougher; and then we added Covid-19 to the pot!!!

Honza Kourimsky is an exciting and in demand young guitarist who has been active in creating several bands and opportunities for musicians in his currently adopted land of residence Scotland. Ged Brockie talks with Honza about the opportunities he’s created and asks how the lock down has affected his work and the work of those around them in terms of the bands and live performance opportunities.

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Podcast Ep 41 – Table Of Contents

2.58 How are you feeling about lock down?
5.24 Have new work opportunities presented themselves because of lock down?
9.39 How have you gone about creating a career in music?
14.18 What projects are you currently involved with?
25.12 Devising and writing new courses and becoming an author.
30.40 Writing musicals!
34.23 Advice on getting through lock down as a musician.

Learn more about Honza by following these links.

Look out for Honza’s band Jimi Get Your Funk On, listen to the music and see when they’re next performing.

Connect with Honza by subscribing to his Youtube channel

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