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Lute player Jamie Akers podcast

Episode 38 – Jamie Akers Renaissance Man

Jamie Akers Has Realised A Dazzling Career As A Multi-Instrumentalist Of Historical Stringed Instruments Including Early 19th Century Guitars, Lutes and The...
Fastlines Blues Guitar Advanced

Blues Guitar Book – Latest Release

Fastlines Blues - Intermediate To Advanced TutorHere are the facts about this publication...
Haftor Medboe podcast

Episode 37 – Haftor Medboe of Copperfly Records

Haftor Medboe is a highly regarded Scottish based composer, guitarist and educator. In this podcast interview, Ged Brockie of GMI discusses these...
Jazz Guitar Tom Lippincott

Episode 36 – Jazz Guitarist Tom Lippincott

Tom Lippincott is a highly respected professional guitarist based in Florida, USA. This interview was meant to be broad ranging, however, Tom's...
Guitareo Nate Savage podcast

Episode 35 – Interview with Nate Savage of Guitareo

It's a fast changing world out there and the effects of the digital revolution are all around. In the world of guitar...
TercelVoice Andy Squires

Episode 34 – Interview Rewind & Update With Andy Squires

Download the Tercelvoice Skate video Teaser - just 6.2 MegDownloadIn September 2017, Andy Squires was interviewed for GMI's "Musician's...
Paul Holcomb

Episode 33 – Interview With LEAP Inventor Paul Holcomb

Paul Holcomb and his new concept for guitar pick players - LEAP the Ergonomic Guitar Pick. When Paul Holcomb decided to revisit guitar playing he...
2 chord songs

2 Chord Songs

2 Chord Songs - Beginner Guitar Learn Hit Tunes Fast 2 chord songs, do they really write hit songs consisting of just two chords? The...
Pentatonic Guitar Scales Course

Pentatonic Guitar Scales Course

Get You Scales Down With This Pentatonic Guitar Scales CourseThis pentatonic guitar scales course has been asked for so much and we were delighted...
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