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RGBlink Mini-Edge: Elevate Your Live Streams

Discover the RGBlink Mini-Edge, a top-tier video mixer and switcher for professional live streaming and content creation.
email marketing

How and Why Musicians Should Create a Mailing List

Discover why creating a mailing list is essential for musicians and learn practical steps to build and grow your own, from choosing the right service to engaging your fans.
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Top Guitar Pick Holders for Every Guitarist

Discover the best guitar pick holders to keep your picks organized and accessible.
What you need to do to sight read better

Welcome to “The GMI Guitar Practice Workout,” your guide to developing an effective and...

Consistent and well-structured practice is the key to advancing your skills and achieving your musical goals. This article provides you with a solid foundation...
Joao Paz podcast

Episode 56 – Joáo Paz

INTRODUCTION In this episode of the GMI Podcast, you'll hear an interview with Joáo Paz and Ged Brockie. Joáo is a dedicated teacher of guitar...
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Top Sub $100 Studio Headphones: A Roundup of Quality and Value

Discover a selection of top sub $100 studio headphones offering excellent sound quality, comfort, and value in this detailed roundup.
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Hotone Guitar Multi Effects Processor for Guitar and Bass

A versatile unit with impressive amp modeling capabilities, effects, and customizable options, enhancing live performances for ...
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Top Battery Guitar Amplifiers Roundup

Discover top battery-powered guitar amplifiers in this roundup. Find portable and feature-rich options for musicians seeking convenience and quality.
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Hints & Tips For Building Confidence As A Guitar Player

Boost your guitar-playing confidence with practical tips and strategies. Overcome self-doubt, celebrate progress, and elevate your skills. Empower your musical journey today!
Dynamic Microphone For Guitar

Dynamic Microphones for Guitar: Product Roundup

Explore a selection of high-performing dynamic microphones ideal for guitar and instrument recording. Discover top-quality options for musicians and enthusiasts.