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8 Travel Guitars Under The Spotlight

If you find that your on the go a lot but you love playing guitar (and there's not enough room), then perhaps you might...
Your never too old to begin playing guitar

Age No Barrier: Start Playing Guitar Today!

Unlock the joy of music at any age! Your never too old to begin playing guitar. Start your journey with inspiring lessons today.
Guitar lessons

Unlock Your Music Potential with Guitar Lessons

Elevate your musical flair with engaging guitar lessons designed for all levels. Start strumming to success with our expert guidance today!

Guitar Stands For One Guitar

Here is an excellent range of individual guitar stands. We've included a diverse range of nine stands, each has it's own strengths and weaknesses....
6 rock guitar courses to consider

Top 6 Rock Guitar Courses to Consider | Learn Today

Unleash your inner rockstar with these top 6 rock guitar courses to consider. Elevate your skills and master the fretboard through expert lessons online.

7 Acoustic Guitar Microphone Systems Worth Considering

If you are looking to amplify your acoustic guitar, then this article covers 7 different systems, each of which offer various ways of amplifying...

Rannsgeer Instrument Wireless Microphone Review

Experience superior sound quality with this premium guitar microphone.

4 Best Audio Interfaces for Recording Guitars [2024 UPDATED]

4 Best Audio Interfaces for Recording Guitars [2024 UPDATED]​What is an audio interface?​Audio Interface Specifications & Features Explained​Latency - The Importance of Low Latency​Do I need an audio interface if I have a USB microphone?​Can you record guitar directly to an interface?​Is Thunderbolt better than USB for audio interfaces?​What audio interfaces do professionals use?​Who are audio interfaces for?​How We Tested the Best Guitar Audio Interface Solutions​The audio interface is the hub of your recording studio, connecting everything together. This guide looks at some of the best interfaces for home studio recording & music production.

SONICAKE Multi Effects Pedal Review

Sonicake Multi Effects Processor with Expression Pedal Guitar - Perfect for guitarists who want to create their own unique sound!
slide guitar podcast

Episode 55 – Gavin Jack on Slide Guitar

Gavin Jack is one of GMI's online tutors and is much in demand as both a player and teacher of guitar. One playing style...