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Gary Clinton composing

GMI Tutor Gary Clinton Signed To Chicago Music Publisher

Gary Clinton Puts Pen To Paper Re Music ContractGary Clinton, one of GMI - Guitar & Music Institute's main tutors has been signed to...
Claudio Pagelli

Episode 26 – Claudio Pagelli of Pagelli Guitars

Claudio Pagelli One Half Of The Team That Creates Some Of The Finest Handmade Guitars In The WorldClaudio Pagelli and his wife Claudia create...
Start Earning With The GMI Affiliate Network

Start Earning With The GMI Affiliate Network

Start Earning With The GMI Affiliate Network With Guitar Products You Can Believe In!Have you ever thought about making money from the Internet? If...
Riff Master Pro

Riff Master Pro A Great Tool For Transcribing Guitar Solos

Riff Master Pro For Guitarists Looking To Transcribe Or Learn To Play Fast Passages Of Music?If you are struggling to catch the notes in...

Guitar Practiced Perfectly – Does Anyone Really Do It?

What Does Guitar Practiced Perfectly Really Mean?We are always looking for ways to take improve our guitar playing skills. The obvious way to improve...
Thomas Berglund

Episode 25 – Musician’s Moving Online 3 – Interview With Thomas Berglund

Musician's Moving Online 3 - Jazz Fusion Guitarist Thomas Berglund Keeping It Real!  Thomas is one of Sweden's best known guitar players and in the...
Blank Guitar Chord Boxes

Blank Guitar Chord Boxes & TAB Books

Ever Popular Blank Guitar Chord Boxes & TAB Books From GMIGMI continues to build it's publication stock with the latest book Scales You Can...
sell your digital products

Sell Your Digital Products For Guitar Through GMI

GMI IS Expanding The Digital Products In The GMI Store - Make Money With GMI! We are looking to expand our infantry of guitar and...
Scales You Can Use


An in depth new book about guitar scales and their use available to buy on Amazon!
GLB Sound Gianluca La Boria

Episode 24 – Interview With Gianluca La Boria of GLB Sound

GLB Sound - Creators Of Jazz Guitar AmplificationIf you are interested in guitar amplifiers or amplification in general then you are in for a...

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