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Jazz Fusion Play Along – SCORE!

Score Jazz Fusion Play Along Score Jazz Fusion is a play along package for guitarists looking for two great tracks to play and learn from....
chord melody arrangements for jazz guitar It's You Or No One

Chord Melody Guitar Arrangements For Jazz Guitar

Chord Melody Guitar Course For Jazz Guitar  Have you ever wanted to take your jazz guitar playing to the next level? Do you wish you...
guitar leads

Four Great Guitar Leads To Consider

Guitar Leads Under The Microscope!It's often the case that guitar players will spend a fortune on a guitar, then spend a few dollars on...
Ant Law

Episode 31 – Interview With Guitarist Ant Law

Ant Law is without doubt one of the most creative and expressive guitarists on the music scene today. In this interview with Ged Brockie,...
guitar pedalboards

Four Guitar Pedalboards Worth A Closer Look

Guitar Pedalboards - Isn't It Time You Considered Your Options?If you have a growing range of guitar pedals and effects you'll probably know that...

Tuxguitar – The Free Guitar Multitrack Editor/Player

Tuxguitar - A Guide To Downloading, Using, CreatingTuxguitar, have you ever heard of it? Tuxguitar is a completely free open source software for guitarists...
Pitch Pilot Tim Clarke

Episode 30 – Tim Clarke of Pitch Pilot

Pitch Pilot - Inventor Tim Clarke Discusses New Invention For Guitar Pitch Pilot, Niagara Falls and Log Cabins.Tim Clarke's Log Cabin, inventor of Pitch...
5 Sub $150 Acoustic Guitars

5 Sub $150 Acoustic Guitars Worth Checking Out

Review - 5 Sub $150 Acoustic Guitars That Hit The Mark!The guitar industry, despite all the doom and gloom around Gibson and falling standards is...
Richard Kaiser

Episode 29 – Richard Kaiser of Wikiloops

Wikiloops - Richard Kaiser on Creating an online community of shared compositions and friendships.Wikiloops was created by Richard Kaiser and is now seven years...
make money from a guitar website

How To Make Money From A Guitar Website

How Exactly Do You Make Money From A Guitar Website? This article looks at how to make money from a guitar website. Keep in mind...

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