Have A Tequila! Downloadable Latin Guitar Lesson


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Have a Tequila Latin guitar lesson

Bamboozled by terms like cáscara, montuno, tumbao, or clave in the world of Latin guitar? Fear not! GMI’s latest offering, “Have A Tequila!” by Federico Bruera, is here to unravel the complexities and open up a world of Latin musical wonders. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what makes “Have A Tequila!” an essential part of GMI’s “Learn Latin Guitar” series.

“Have A Tequila!” is your invitation to dive deep into the vibrant world of Afro-Cuban rhythms and Latin guitar. Designed as an integral part of GMI’s “Learn Latin Guitar” series, this premium offering aims to make Latin music accessible to enthusiasts at every level.

What’s Included In Have A Tequila!?

  1. 1. Learn the Elements of Latin Music: “Have A Tequila!” serves as your gateway to understanding the nuances that define Latin music. From intricate rhythms to captivating melodies, this lesson provides a comprehensive exploration of the essence of this infectious genre.
  2. 2. Learn the Song “Have A Tequila!”: Based on a well-known classic, the lesson allows you to learn and play the spirited song “Have A Tequila!” under the expert guidance of Federico Bruera. No need to feel overwhelmed; this step-by-step guide ensures a smooth learning experience.
  3. 3. Complete Music & TAB Examples: Access a comprehensive PDF book featuring all the music notation and TAB examples you need to master “Have A Tequila!” This resource ensures that everything you need is at your fingertips for a seamless learning experience.
  4. 4. MP4 Files – Step-by-Step Instruction: Federico walks you through all examples step by step! Watch, listen, and follow along as he demystifies the techniques needed to play this musical style. Gain insights and techniques that go beyond written notation, making the learning process engaging and informative.
  5. 5. MP3 & MIDI Files – Examples Played by Federico: Use these MP3 & MIDI files to refine your playing and capture the authentic Latin flavor. Whether you’re practicing or playing along, these files provide the necessary support to enhance your musical journey.

Video Lesson Contents:

  • Lesson concepts (5m50s)
  • Superimposition of E minor over A7 (3m30s)
  • Understanding “clave” (3m15s)
  • Demonstration of all concepts (3m43s)
  • Total video time = 16 minutes 30 seconds
  • Numerous MP3 and MIDI backing tracks with both guitar and without, at various tempos for practice & play along.

“Have A Tequila!”, GMI’s latest release invites enthusiasts to explore the rich world of Afro-Cuban rhythms and master the art of Latin guitar with passion and authenticity. So, grab your guitar, dive into the fiesta, and let the music of “Have A Tequila!” be your guide.


Do You Have Fede’s Free Latin Guitar Lesson Yet?

free Latin guitar lesson

If you haven’t downloaded Fede’s first free Latin guitar lesson, then you can do so by going the the GMI Guitar Shop website by clicking the link. This lesson would act as a great primer before either considering, or buying his first lesson proper in the series at absolutely no cost to you.

This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, Guitar & Music Institute may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.