Begin Your Latin Guitar Journey: Unlock the Afro-Cuban Magic with the Latest Free Lesson!


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Introduction: Embark on a musical odyssey like no other as GMI – Guitar & Music Institute presents a captivating opportunity to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Afro-Cuban rhythms. Renowned guitarist and Cuban Tres player, Federico Bruera, invites you to elevate your Latin guitar skills with a FREE download lesson, “Learn To Play In The Afro-Cuban Style with a 2-3 Orientated Son Clave.” No strings attached, just pure musical magic awaiting your exploration!

What’s Inside? Unravelling the Afro-Cuban Tapestry

Expert Instruction: Federico personally guides you through a fundamental aspect of the Afro-Cuban style, demystifying the 2-3 orientated son clave for an engaging and accessible learning experience.

Comprehensive Package: This free offering includes MP4 video demo files, MP3 backing tracks, and a 16-page PDF, providing a comprehensive set of resources.

Notation and TAB: Regardless of your music-reading ability, the included PDF ensures that everyone can benefit. It features both music notation and TAB for easy comprehension, making this lesson accessible to all.

Play-Along Tracks: Practice with professionally produced play-along tracks, allowing you to feel the rhythm and groove along with the music. Let the beats of Cuba resonate through your guitar. Both mp3 and MIDI Files are provided.

Immediate Access – No Waiting, No Cost!

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  3. Dive into Afro-Cuban rhythms instantly – no cost, no waiting!

Money Off Offer: As if learning for free wasn’t exciting enough, GMI is also extending a special discount on one of Fede’s other paid packages. Check inside the accompanying PDF for details and seize the opportunity to enhance your musical repertoire.

Claim Your FREE Download Now!

Unleash the power of Afro-Cuban magic in your guitar playing with Federico Bruera’s expert guidance. Download your FREE Latin guitar mastery now, and let the rhythms of Cuba ignite your musical soul!

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Afro-Cuban Lesson Contents:

  1. Introduction video (1m48s)
  2. Video explaining son clave and its orientation, 2-3. The arpeggiated lick is called ‘montuno’ or ‘tumbao’ (3m43)
  3. Video performing the basic ‘montuno’ or ‘tumbao’ in 2-3 son clave demonstration.
  4. Video performing a variation of tumbado (in quavers/eights) in son 2-3 clave demonstration. (Videos 3 & 4 both 52s long) Total video time = 7 minutes 25 seconds.
  5. Six backing tracks; regular and reduced tempo examples for practice, featuring bass and percussion, and 3 MIDI tracks.

This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, Guitar & Music Institute may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.