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Chord Melody Guitar Arrangements For Jazz Guitar

Chord Melody Guitar Course For Jazz Guitar

chord melody arrangements for jazz guitar



Have you ever wanted to take your jazz guitar playing to the next level? Do you wish you had a growing repertoire and a bank of great melodic and harmonic ideas to learn from? Do you wish you had a growing number of jazz guitar solos that you can actually listen to and practice with? Would you like to hear from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, the musical decisions that a professional player makes when creating a chord melody solo or an actual improvisation? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you’ll be interested in the solo guitar course that is here on GMI – Guitar & Music Institute.

Classical Guitar Roundup July 2018

Classical Guitar Roundup July 2018 News

classical guitar roundup July 2018

It’s the classical guitar roundup July 2018 and it’s another bumper crop of classical news, videos and snippets. If you are new to GMI then here is how we do it. Each month we feature the latest news in either classical, rock or jazz guitar news in rotation. This month, it’s obviously classical guitar’s turn which was last featured in April of this year.

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Four Great Guitar Leads To Consider

Guitar Leads Under The Microscope!

guitar leads

It’s often the case that guitar players will spend a fortune on a guitar, then spend a few dollars on guitar leads. Surely paying a little more will ensure that the signal that comes out of your instrument is as faithful and as strong as it can be. In this way, your sound will be as faithful as it can be to the original. In this review we cast our eye over four great guitar cable contenders.

What are we looking for in a good batch of guitar leads?

So, what really matters when it comes to buying a guitar lead? We’re looking at over all construction for a start. Does the lead feel rugged and able to withstand being abused when on the road of flung in a bag.

Secondly, does it sound great. What we mean by that is, does it not give of any sound…that’s a prerequisite as well.

Does the lead come in at a good length or indeed are multiple sizes available?

Is the lead offered with a lifetime guarantee or is there any other perks to buying a specific band over and above what you would want which is a long lasting cable.

These are just some of the points that we are considering for our review. We’ll also bring up what customers have to say about a specific guitar leads as well to even things out.

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Episode 31 – Interview With Guitarist Ant Law

Ant Law is without doubt one of the most creative and expressive guitarists on the music scene today. In this interview with Ged Brockie, Ant discusses music, creativity, working in London and life as a musician.

Ant Law


Ant Law is one of a small band of musicians who not only play other people’s music, but works hard exploring his own creativity and expression. This wide ranging interview finds Ant discussing his life before and then moving to London. Breaking into the scene and carving out a career in one of the most demanding musical environs in Europe. Ant also discusses his latest projects and his musical ideas and vision for the future.

Jazz Guitar Roundup June 2018

Jazz Guitar Roundup June 2018 News

jazz guitar roundup june 2018

So here we go again with the jazz guitar roundup June 2018. Every three months it’s the turn of jazz guitar as our online media focus and this month is sure to interest anyone who loves and or plays jazz guitar.

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Four Guitar Pedalboards Worth A Closer Look

Guitar Pedalboards – Isn’t It Time You Considered Your Options?

guitar pedalboards

If you have a growing range of guitar pedals and effects you’ll probably know that it’s not a good idea to just stuff them all into a bag. It’s not only the fact that they get scraped and damaged, it’s all the tiny and not so small leads that you also need. That’s where guitar pedalboards come in.

A guitar pedalboard keeps all your pedals organised as well as ensuring that lead life is extended as you are not continually pulling leads in and out. Also, it’s a great way of easing the pressure on a gig. Get the pedalboard, plug in and you are ready to play.

We look at four pedalboards that come at a reasonable price and also have a lot of consumer satisfaction. There are other pedal board options out there, but we think you’ll like this bunch to whet your appetite.

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Tuxguitar – The Free Guitar Multitrack Editor/Player

Tuxguitar – A Guide To Downloading, Using, Creating


Tuxguitar, have you ever heard of it? Tuxguitar is a completely free open source software for guitarists that offers a multitrack editor and player. In this article, you’ll find out all about the software, how to get started using it and what we thing of it’s strengths and weaknesses. Tuxguitar is very much like Guitar Pro, but is a free software option. Does it do enough to make up for the fact that it’s free, read on to find out.

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Episode 30 – Tim Clarke of Pitch Pilot

Pitch Pilot – Inventor Tim Clarke Discusses New Invention For Guitar Pitch Pilot, Niagara Falls and Log Cabins.

Tim Clarke's Log Cabin Pitch Pilot

Tim Clarke’s Log Cabin, inventor of Pitch PilotAbove you can see the log cabin that Tim Clarke, inventor of Pitch Pilot lives in. Tim is a musician who has a long line of inventions and ideas. In this episode, Ged Brockie from GMI discusses Pitch Pilot, Tim’s latest invention that helps guitarists bend individual strings on guitars. It’s hard bringing new ideas to the market and Tim discusses the lows and highs of the Pitch Perfect product.

Living in a log cabin (above) in Canada, Tim needed to travel to undertake this interview which he gave near Niagara falls.

Rock Guitar Roundup May 2018

Rock Guitar Roundup May 2018 News – Vids & Snippets

Rock Guitar Roundup May 2018

The monthly roundup seems to come around faster than a month! The rock guitar roundup May 2018 is the latest and includes a huge amount of material for you to view and share. If you like this article, please share it and let others know about what is happening. We create this article so you don’t have to trawl the internet to find out the latest happenings in rock, jazz and classical guitar. Next month it will be the turn of jazz guitar.

5 Sub $150 Acoustic Guitars Worth Checking Out

Review – 5 Sub $150 Acoustic Guitars That Hit The Mark!

5 Sub $150 Acoustic Guitars

The guitar industry, despite all the doom and gloom around Gibson and falling standards is not all bad. Thirty years ago, many low price guitars were very much sub standard, but not any more. We look at 5 Sub $150 Acoustic Guitars which won’t dent your wallet that much but give a huge musical band for your buck!

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