Episode 13 – Interview With Edinburgh Guitar Guitar Manager Chris Cunningham.

For many musicians and guitarists in particular, working in a guitar store can be the next best thing to actually having a career as a pro musician. In this podcast, Ged Brockie interviews Guitar Guitar's Edinburgh store manager Chris Cunningham discussing what got him into the business, the skills needed and some of the perks of the job.


So You Want To Work In A Guitar Store?

So You Want To Work In A Guitar Store

Chris Cunningham (second from the right above) is the manager of Guitar Guitar Edinburgh. Opened thirteen years ago, Chris discusses the role of manager, the skills you need to work in stores like Guitar Guitar and his life around guitars (thousands of them!).

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Podcast Ep 13 – Table Of Contents

  • 1.23 Selling dreams – “making your dreams come true”.
  • 2.06 Favorite guitar of Chris Cunningham.
  • 3.22 The beginnings of Guitar Guitar.
  • 5.55 What working in a guitar store is all about.
  • 8.47 Where do all the guitars go?
  • 10.40 The way guitar selling has changed over the years.
  • 13.34 The continual growth of Guitar Guitar.
  • 15.02 Amps, pedals and more…
  • 16.15 Visiting Yahama’s guitar factory in the far east.
  • 27.45 The next generation of multi-effects pedals.
  • 30.55 Guys who like to edit sounds till the “cows come home”.
  • 33.22 The continuing march of amplifier technology.
  • 38.01 The most expensive guitar ever sold by Guitar Guitar?
  • 45.14 How to get into work within the guitar sales industry.

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