Episode 33 – Interview With LEAP Inventor Paul Holcomb

As we have heard in several other podcasts, developing new innovative products for the guitar is both time consuming, expensive and challenging. The “LEAP" is a new take on the humble plectrum and is being developed by American guitar player Paul Holcomb. As of October 2018, Paul has a Kickstarter campaign running to help raise awareness and funding. Listen in and see if this new take on the guitar pick makes you think again.


Paul Holcomb and his new concept for guitar pick players – LEAP the Ergonomic Guitar Pick.

Paul Holcomb


When Paul Holcomb decided to revisit guitar playing he was frustrated in part by using a plectrum. With a background in design, Paul decided it was time to do something about it and the LEAP concept was born. Almost space aged in design, Paul talks about the development of this new concept and developing it for a new generation of guitar players.

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Podcast Ep 33 – Table Of Contents

2.45 Who is Paul Holcomb?
6.41 How did the LEAP idea come about?
12.01 The design concept.
15.05 The physiological connection to plectrums.
20.12 Quick fire questions.
29.40 Does LEAP cut down on potential hand pain?
32.22 The artwork associated with the product.
42.36 General thoughts about LEAP and more on it’s launch.

Video Material

Paul has a Kickstarter campaign which runs out at the end of October 2018. Here is the demo video for the LEAP.

Demo video of the LEAP Ergonomic Guitar Pick system.

Some extended playing with the LEAP for you to check it out.

Links To LEAP

Find out more about LEAP and give support.

The EDGE Kickstarter page.

The Youtube Channel.

The Facebook page.

Twitter users can interact here on Twitter.

Instagram Bogstreet

That wraps up this podcast but we’ll be back soon with another. Check out the Paul’s Kickstarter campaign and help make this project take off! If you enjoyed this podcast, then please check Out all our other GMI podcasts which can be found HERE.

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