Episode 34 – Interview Rewind & Update With Andy Squires


In September 2017, Andy Squires was interviewed for GMI’s “Musician’s Moving Online” series (episode 20) as Andy planned the release of his first album under the name TercelVoice. Fifteen months later, we hear how his first release has fared and what advice he has for other singer songwriters.

Andy Squires singer songwriter

If you are a singer/songwriter, or indeed any kind of musician who is thinking about releasing a recording and well, you’re just not sure if you should do it then you need to listen to this podcast from GMI with Andy Squires.

Andy’s positive attitude shines through and his true story of what has happened to him over the course of one year just shines through.

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Podcast Ep 34 – Table Of Contents

2.38 Andy explains the background to the album release.
4.28 Gigging the album locally in the north of England.
6.18 Making use of contacts – BBC Introducing.
7.52 Sending the album out and getting a response – 248k views!
12.40 Making use of Facebook ads.
14.16 The various download sites that TercelVoice is available on.
17.01 Getting a vinyl record made.
24.36 Q&A on the process.
32.01 Paid radio promotion?
41.11 When does recording the second album begin?

Video Material

TercelVoice promo video.

“Angel” by TercelVoice.

Links To TercelVoice

Here is a collection of handy links to Andy’s various online resources, enjoy!

Andy’s website can be found here Andy Squire’s website TercelVoice

You can also listen to lots of Andy’s content on his Soundcloud page.

Finally, the TercelVoice CDBaby page.

TercelVoice on Bandcamp.

That wraps up this podcast but we’ll be back soon with another. If you enjoyed this podcast, then please check out all our other GMI podcasts which can be found HERE.

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