Pentatonic Guitar Scales Course

We've got quite a few courses for you to work with on GMI and they are all free. This one is a big hit as it covers pentatonic scales, or minor pentatonic scales to be more precise. If you are into playing rock, blues, jazz, country or indeed any kind of genre then these scales are a must.


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Get You Scales Down With This Pentatonic Guitar Scales Course

Root Notes In Minor Pentatonic Scales

This pentatonic guitar scales course has been asked for so much and we were delighted to launch this five lesson course. As usual, all material is free and it covers a large amount of musical ground.

The course is led by GMI favourite Gary Clinton. Gary has taught so many guitarists over the years and has a wealth of knowledge to impart which he has of course done in this minor pentatonic course of lessons.

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Where Is The Pentatonic Guitar Scales Course On The Site?

You can get to the minor pentatonic course by clicking that link in the blue on this sentence. All our courses can be found by either clicking on “guitar courses” in the menu or by clicking the main button at the top of the home page where is says Free Guitar Lessons.

Course Outline

Lesson 1 – Introduces you to the five pentatonic scale patterns and how you play them across the neck. You will consider these scales as minor pentatonic scales.

Lesson 2 – A complete understanding of how root notes work within the scales.

Lesson 3 – Playing licks with the scales. Gary takes the scales and talks and demonstrates how you can transform them into “guitar lick machines!”.

Lesson 4 – More in-depth lesson on roots and where they are found on the scales. As well as this, you’re shown various ways of playing the scales from the root with various exercises.

Lesson 5 – In this lesson you’ll be shown how the scales work in different keys and how you can take the next steps forward.

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Getting The Most Out Of The Pentatonic Guitar Scales Course

One of the biggest problems when undertaking any of our or other peoples courses is being disciplined. That is, not just rushing through all the lessons one after another until you have finished them. If you do learn like this, how much of the actual content have you learned by the time you are finished? This is a crucial question to ask yourself as you learn the guitar.

So if you are new to the guitar and this is you beginning to take it really seriously here are a few tips to help you get the most out of this and all our courses.

  1. Take you time! We know you want to be an amazing guitar player yesterday, but it always takes time to develop the skills.
  2. Make sure you understand the information given to you in the video.
  3. Back up the videos by going to the GMI guitar store and at least downloading some of our free items of which there are many options.
  4. Come back and look over the material again and again. It’s only after you have done this several times that you will realize if you have missed or not taken everything in.

What Next After This Pentatonic Guitar Scales Course

Once you really have got everything under your fingers in this course then it’s time to start looking at all our other courses that we have available. We have plenty of other guitar courses on GMI from easy to difficult. You can access them without even signing up to the Guitar & Music Institute. If you do, however, sign up, you will be able to track your work and you will receive the latest updates on new courses, blog posts and lessons. Check out our own GMI guitar books which offer you low cost printed and ePublications to work from at home.

The Guitar Scales Book That Accompanies This Course Available To Buy From The GMI Shop Or The Print Version From Amazon

Scales You Can Use - GMI Guitar & Music Institute

The chromatic scale and hundreds of other patterns are all found in the GMI – Guitar & Music Institute publication Scales You Can Use!

This full colour book can be bought either as a printed copy directly from Amazon, or as a PDF immediate download from the GMI Guitar Store.

Both books are exactly the same apart from the printed book including blank staff and TAB along with blank chord boxes for your own guitar scale ideas. The PDF book is 105 pages in total and the printed version is 152 pages in total.

What Is In This Guitar Scale Book?

  • An easy to understand template system that enables you to learn and play major, natural, harmonic and melodic minor scales over the entire neck in seven positions.
  • Included tutorials show how you can play pentatonic scales in 10 different keys within one fret board position.
  • Learn to play in 14 keys in one position using modal scales giving complete musical control over key changes.
  • Included fret maps detail a simple to understand root based system in two key positions giving you complete understanding.
  • Theoretical explanations of pentatonic, major, melodic and harmonic minor, blues, chromatic, whole tone and diminished scales.
  • A suite of “exotic” scales are included for those that are looking to learn patterns that are on the fringe.
  • Original music examples in music and TAB provided throughout Scales You Can Use! to ensure that you really learn the patterns shown. Open string patterns cover major, minor, pentatonic and blues scales.

To purchase the printed version of Scales You Can Use directly from Amazon click the link in the product box below.

To purchase the lower cost PDF format of Scales You Can Use! from the GMI online store and receive it immediately click Essential Guitar Scales – Scales You Can Use! This link opens in a new window.

This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, Guitar & Music Institute may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.