How To Play Guitar


Are you looking for resources both online, in print and digital about learning to how to play guitar? Learn chords, scales and arpeggios and apply to  songs played? It’s not easy learning guitar with so many lessons out there, which ones do you choose?

At GMI the Guitar & Music Institute, we’re building up an excellent online presence through our various guitar courses for you to apply to played songs. Take our guitar courses which are HD video based within GMI or learn from our Youtube channel. We also have a growing selection of excellent low cost printed guitar books which you can buy direct from Amazon. So if you want to learn play and have fun join GMI.


Within GMI we have many courses that cover a lot of ground. To be part of them, sign up to GMI and then log in and your good to go! Here are some of our courses…

Our every popular ten lesson beginners guitar course by Gary Clinton

Our Quick Start Beginners Guitar Course by Gary Clinton is rightly very popular for people looking to play guitar. Ten HD video lessons which covers a wide range of topic. If you are new to playing the guitar, then this course is for you. You will learn how to play chords, scales, riffs, power chords and fingerstyle. You can download the course pdf as well as play along with the beginners course backing tracks.

Get of to a flyer with GMI and learn with Gary Clinton by clicking the box link above.


Looking to understand guitar scales? GMI leader Ged Brockie‘s course is what your looking for

Guitar scales are a must and GMI lead tutor Ged Brockie details the main scale patterns that you need to learn to advance your playing. All the scales covered are fretted scales which means you can play them in any key. Pentatonic, blues scales, major and their relative minor cousins, melodic minor. Check out the scale lessons today with some of the finest guitar lessons you can view anywhere all free.


For those of you who are new to the guitar but looking to take the next step try Ross Baird‘s Advancing Guitar course

The Advancing Guitar Course covers a wide range of ideas, concepts and guitar techniques that prove incredibly popular. Ross Baird takes you through seven excellent lessons that uncovers the secrets of taking the next step. Designed and aimed at guitar players who are beyond the beginner stage. You’ll find his open string chords up the neck, or playing melodies in various keys, or rhythm playing. A must for the advancing guitar player.


For those looking to get their barre chords together, check out Gary Clinton’s new course

If you are looking to not only learn about barre chords, but get great practice ideas and crucially understand how to use them, then this five lesson HD video course is a must. Gary Clinton succinctly explains everything you need to know regarding barre chords from understanding the chromatic scale to using them effectively in chord progressions.


Ged Brockie shows how you can take the next step after you have mastered barre chords here

Beyond basic barre chords is a three course intense HD video course which is for guitar players who have effectively mastered the basic barre chord shapes. Ged Brockie explains how you can take familiar and new chord forms up the neck to give complete coverage of the neck. Guitar lessons cover major, minor and dominant seventh chords.

Or perhaps your looking to iron out technical problems with your playing?

Technique is the gateway to expression. This flowery language is, however, something that is worth considering. Our ever expanding range of guitar technique exercises cover the areas that can help you make fast progress. By working through our technique lessons, you will find performance becomes more effective. You will also find that ideas will be easier to find and execute.


We have a range of fun and challenging fully scored out songs in blues, heavy rock, jazz fusion and jazz bebop styles

This has just scratched the surface of what GMI can offer you! Have a look at our BLOG and you’ll find a huge amount of video and free downloadable resources on everything from blues bends and solos to jazz chords. If you are looking to learn, keep coming back and subscribe to GMI so you can get the latest free lessons and resources.


As mentioned, we have a growing range of books which are available to buy direct from Amazon which are real aids to help people as they learn the guitar. We are adding new titles every week in a wide range of musical genres and guitar styles. Our current range of books focuses on jazz & chordal playing, however, new titles in blues and rock will be appearing soon.


Our first printed book launch is for guitarists who are looking to get their chords together. This 120 Drop 2 Voicings Uncovered For Guitarpage full colour book includes nearly two hours of supplementary video. As well as this, people who purchase the book can also download a further PDF which includes even more chordal ideas to supplement the book and also offers a wide range of mp3 backing tracks for you to practice along with.

The book is selling really well and is now gathering a growing list of positive reviews. So, if you are looking to really get your chordal playing together, then check out the links below which will take you straight to Amazon.

The book is also available to buy as a Kindle download at a very competitive price so if you own a Kindle or a device capable of displaying ePublications then check these links out.


how to play jazz guitarThere are currently two Fastline books from a total of nine that will are being released. The books that we have published so far are from the jazz range; the primer and intermediate volumes are currently published with several more soon to be released. When the full list is released there will be jazz, blues and rock books available in primer, intermediate and advanced volumes.

All the Fastline books are extremely competitively priced and to offer even better value for money, you can also purchase the books through Amazon’s Kindle which again can be used on any ePublication device.

In all cases, the Fastlines book offer QR codes for quick access to the audio which you can preview and work with on your mobile phones or tables. For printed book owners, we also offer you the the ability to download the mp3 files for playing on your devices. The links below give direct access to Amazon for quick purchase.


guitar play alongThere are four Score books for you to work with which cover a good range of styles. Each Score book delivers two complete songs, with guitar parts one and two provided. There are also technical notes to help you along the way.

Example solos are provided (in both music and tab) and long sections for you to practice your own improvisation ideas. Score comes in blues (beginner), jazz bebop (intermediate), heavy rock (intermediate) and jazz fusion (advanced) styles.

Further, score includes a fully music and tab notated song with chords detailed throughout.

If your looking for some fun ways to learn guitar with graded low cost music then you should definately buy up some Score books. (mp3s are downloadable for print versions and QR code in Kindle and print versions).