Ten Guitarists You Should Know And Learn From


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What Are Some Guitarists Known for Their Unique Chord Progressions and Techniques?

Some guitarists known for their unique chord progressions and techniques include Jimi Hendrix, John Mayer, and John Frusciante. Aspiring musicians can learn guitar chords by studying these artists’ distinctive styles and incorporating their techniques into their own playing.

Ten Guitarists You Should Know And Learn From

So, why are we blogging about ten guitarists you should know and learn from when we are a guitar site pushing our own agenda? Read on to find out why.

The Internet is absolutely bursting with guitar players who offer learning courses and materials. Some have become incredibly famous and are now the “go too” for learning. Also, most guitarists don’t like to offer up other players for consideration. In effect, protecting their hard won fame in the world of the Internet.

At GMI, however, we don’t want to be insular and give our visitors the best chance to find great materials from different sources. Many players have a lot to offer so here is our list of ten guitarists you should know and learn from. Some of these players are perhaps not as well known as some of the usual subjects, but deserve to be promoted.

So here is our list which is in alphabetical order so nobody can complain that they are being put down. Please visit them and enjoy their great content!

If you know of a guitarist you feel deserves to be featured then please leave a comment below and when we come round to this again we’ll consider your suggestion.

ONE – Anouck Andre – Jazz 

Ten Guitarists You Should Know And Learn From
Anouck Andre

Anouck Andre is a French guitarist who offers excellent lessons and resources primarily around the jazz idiom. She provides free lesson material through her Youtube channel as well as from her own website. Her Youtube channel has over one million views with nearly 7.5k subscribers. Find out more about Anouck Andre by clicking her name which will take you to her website which includes all her social media links Anouck Andre

TWO – Thomas Berglund – Jazz 

Ten Guitarists You Should Know And Learn From
Thomas Berglund

Thomas is based in Sweden and is active across a wide range of social media sites including Youtube, Instagram, Google+ as well as from his own website. Like many of the guitarists highlighted in this list of ten guitarists you should know and learn from, Thomas is very much a jazz player. Thomas’s Youtube channel, however, does feature backing tracks and covers other musical genres. His delivery style is friendly and helpful which makes learning much easier. Thomas’s website is perhaps a little old fashioned looking, but again it’s full of useful resources which any guitar player would find of use. Find out more about Thomas Berglund’s Youtube channel with associated links by clicking his name Thomas Berglund.

THREE – Marco Cirillo – Acoustic and Rock

Ten Guitarists You Should Know And Learn From
Marco Cirillo

Based in London England, Marco who is originally from Italy has carved out an impressive and wide range of lessons from beginners to advanced players. His website is incredibly detailed and although he is still a young player, shows the breadth of his experience. His Youtube channel is well worth a look as well. Equally at home performing and playing acoustic as well as electric guitar, Marco has also released a new book titled Acoustic Steps. Do yourself a favor and check out this hard working and talented guitarist by clicking his name Marco Cirillo.

FOUR – Morten Faerestrand – Jazz

Ten Guitarists You Should Know And Learn From
Morten Faerestrand

Yet another guitarist from Scandinavia, this time Norway. Morten has built up an impressive amount of followers on Youtube and has actually created his own studio for recording and filming material in his garage. His own website includes multi-angle video productions, interactive music and backing tracks. Again, very much in the jazz genre, Morten does offer material for guitarists under the “Basics” and “Intermediate” banners. His website offers both free and monthly membership options. Find out more by clicking his name which takes you to Morten’s website Morten Faerestrand.

FIVE – Rick Graham – Rock

Ten Guitarists You Should Know And Learn From
Rick Graham

Although on his Youtube site, Rick Graham from England bizarrely features a body building program, but don’t let that fool you. For rock guitarists especially, Rick offers up a fantastic selection of learning which covers a wide range of techniques which is presented in a very professional manner. Also, Rick probably has one of the bigger Youtube channels with over 62K subscribers which is not to be sniffed at. From his own website you can book Skype guitar lessons, buy into the various packages of learning and gain access to the various social media channels which all make this a very impressive package of learning. Find out more by clicking Rick Graham now.

SIX – Jens Larsen – Jazz

Ten Guitarists You Should Know And Learn From
Jens Larsen

Next up is jazz guitarist Jens Larsen from the Netherlands. Jens is a prolific creator of material and he provides this in a no nonsense learning environment across Youtube, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and more….gasp! Jan primarily focuses on jazz guitar and has been promoting on Youtube since 2006 and has amassed over one hundred and thirty videos and counting. His website offers a range of free and paid for resources and he is without doubt a highly ranked world class guitarist worth listening to and learning from. As usual, click Jen’s name to reach his website Jens Larsen.

SEVEN – Tim Lerch – Blues, Jazz

Ten Guitarists You Should Know And Learn From
Tim Lerch

Next up is a USA guitarist called Timothy Lerch. Tim is one of those rare individuals who oozes a passion and love for the guitar and music but also engages the viewer. His warm personality and a sense that he really wants you to learn and do well hooks the student in quickly. Tim plays a variety of styles and is very much the virtuoso player who can also impart knowledge. From jazz to blues and lots in between, Tim’s style means that every note counts; a rare thing these days. He has had a broad and varied recording career with performers, many of whom are household names. Check out Tim’s Youtube channel by clicking on his name as follows Tim Lerch.

EIGHT – Rob MacKillop – Folk, Jazz, Classical

Ten Guitarists You Should Know And Learn From
Rob MacKillop

From Scotland comes Rob MacKillop. Rob is a a hugely versatile musician who plays classical, to folk to jazz. He is also an author of note having numerous books published on a wide range of music related material. The best place to find out about Rob’s diverse activities is direct from his website as there is not enough space here to list it all. Rob also has a busy Youtube channel with two hundred and twenty plus videos covering guitar, banjo, lute, ukulele, classical and much more. Check out Rob’s channel by clicking his name with the arrow as follows Rob MacKillop.

NINE – Matt Otten – Jazz 

Ten Guitarists You Should Know And Learn From
Matt Otten

Here we have our second guitarist from the Netherlands, what a hotbed of guitar the Netherlands is! He is Matt Otten. Matt has over 18K worth of subscribers on his Youtube channel and a very large website which contains a massive amount of learning material which would keep anyone busy for a very long time. Matt’s Youtube channel consists of performance videos with his website detailing all the learning materials. He has used the term and has a “smooth jazz” sound which is really beautiful to listen to. Find out more about Matt in the usual manner Matt Otten.

TEN – Doug Seven – Country Rock

Ten Guitarists You Should Know And Learn From
Doug Seven

Yes, we know. Why is Doug Seven in at ten, but that’s the way it is when guitarists are listed in alphabetical order. Doug is a incredibly talented country rock guitar player who really knows how to excite and enthuse the guitar viewing public. For example, his Youtube channel has relatively few videos at fifty six uploads, but his sub count is 14.5K…he obviously is doing something right! Doug’s website is focused in on selling and why not, when you can play this well then get it out there. If you love chicken pickin’ then give Doug a visit, you’ll not be dissapointed! Click Doug Seven to visit his Youtube website aptly titled “Sizzling Guitar Licks”!

Round Up Of Ten Guitarists You Should Know And Learn From

Well, that’s our round up of ten guitarists you should know and learn from.  We think all these players deserve some attention. What do you think? If you have any ideas, comments or observations then please comment below.

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This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, Guitar & Music Institute may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.


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