Guitar Finger Exercises


Guitar Finger Exercises

To develop and enable you to play music of all genres, GMI offers a range of guitar finger exercises. These exercises cover different areas of guitar technique. This is an expanding range of lessons and all the lessons are held within the guitar techniques course.

guitar finger exercises
Expand your reach over the fretboard brings new sound opportunities with these guitar finger exercises.



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The main thing to keep in mind is that technique with relation to guitar is not an end unto itself. Your technique should enable you to play things not open to you. As well as this, you should always keep in mind that exercises such as stretching can damage your hand. Make sure that you do not feel any pain and if pain occurs, stop. Many guitarists feel that if it’s hurting, it’s working. This is absolute nonsense. Once problems do occur re specific technique exercises, it can be really hard to rectify the problem.


GMI will continually expand the range of technique exercises available to our members. This will include string skipping, stretching, general picking, rhythmic ideas etc. In all cases, we are looking to pinpoint a specific problem and help rectify it through time served ideas that work. Once these exercises are mastered, then when playing within the context of a song the background work helps application.


If you enjoy this lesson then please sign up for our other technique lessons. Once signed up, you will be able to access all our free guitar lessons. The range is constantly expanding. If you do not wish to sign up, you can still access our lessons via our Youtube channel. We put the majority of our lessons on Youtube, although we do add further content for our members here. As well as this, we also include other resources such as pdfs, backing tracks and further advice.

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