How To Become A Guitar Teacher

If you are considering how to become a guitar teacher then this short guide, based upon guitarist Ged Brockie's thirty plus years as a guitar tutor at all levels is a must read. Ged has taught in private schools, college and university. He has devised guitar courses for the SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority) as well as creating summer schools and online teaching resources. Learn how you can build up a successful business teaching and enriching student's lives both young and old through music and the guitar.


How To Become A Guitar Teacher – A Guide

There are many people who consider teaching guitar and the Internet is awash with “how to become a guitar teacher” articles. There are good and bad teachers all over the world, so if you are thinking about adding yourself to these ranks, then hopefully this guide will help add you to the former and not the later description.

I have over the years had people phoning me up not for guitar lessons, but to ask how much I make a year because it seems a pretty easy job and they’d like to do it! Yes, I really have. Talk about having their priorities wrong. To be a great instrumental teacher, first and foremost you must have a love of the instrument you teach as well as music in general. You must also be a very good player and crucially be able to communicate to the student from your own experience how they in turn can develop their skills.

So, when thinking about this concept of good and bad teachers, how can we define what makes a good or a bad guitar tutor?

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