How To Become A Guitar Teacher

If you are considering how to become a guitar teacher then this short guide, based upon guitarist Ged Brockie's thirty plus years as a guitar tutor at all levels is a must read. Ged has taught in private schools, college and university. He has devised guitar courses for the SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority) as well as creating summer schools and online teaching resources.Learn how you can build up a successful business teaching and enriching student's lives both young and old through music and the guitar.


Best Setup For Your Guitar Tuition Studio

I speak about the equipment needed for practice in an article titled how to practice guitar and the advice in that article is also good for guitar tutors. The basic idea though is that you have everything you need at hand. This will include your printed resources, music stand, computer, printer, piano keyboard etc. You want to ensure that you have as much as you need to give your students the best possible experience.

How To Teach & Make A Living

This article has so far rightly dealt with teaching considerations, but you also as a tutor need to consider income. If teaching guitar is going to be more than just a hobby for you then you will need to consider tax implications. You need to keep track of all your income as well as teach guitar to earn a livingensuring that you track all your outgoings. Anything that you spent that can be justified as expenditure for your guitar tuition business can be put against any tax liability. For example, new strings, any equipment such as music stands etc., as well as music paper, computer paper. The list goes on.

Keep on the right side of the government because the fact is that if you don’t keep a record of everything they will come knocking on your door at some point and you don’t want that!

Making Sure You Get Paid For Teaching Guitar

The fact is that there will be students that you teach who will have a reason for not turning up. I’ve heard them all. Don’t feel well, haven’t practiced, something has turned up and so on. Every case has to be taken on it’s merits as sometimes unexpected things do happen and plans change, but this is your business. If you don’t set down some simple rules or understanding then your income will suffer. Here are my rules.

  • Pupils pay up front for lessons in batches of six. I don’t as a rule let pupils pay as they go.
  • Pupils must give me two days notice of cancellation or I will charge for the missed lesson.

That’s really it as far as rules are concerned for me. You will find that as the lessons have been paid up front people are more likely to turn up to get their monies worth. In this way you protect your income whilst providing a quality service and the normal friendliness of the lessons (hopefully) does not spill into the monetary aspect of the situation.

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