How To Become A Guitar Teacher

If you are considering how to become a guitar teacher then this short guide, based upon guitarist Ged Brockie's thirty plus years as a guitar tutor at all levels is a must read. Ged has taught in private schools, college and university. He has devised guitar courses for the SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority) as well as creating summer schools and online teaching resources.Learn how you can build up a successful business teaching and enriching student's lives both young and old through music and the guitar.


Ways To Stand Out From Your Teaching Competition

The quality of your teaching and the knowledge and skills you bring will hopefully make you a stand out teacher. There are though a huge amount of people now teaching guitar and you need as many services and options available as possible to stand out from the crowd. One way of doing this is by offering to take people through exams. Offering to take people through a graded guitar exam system offers more than just the obvious; it also offers longevity of tuition. If your pupils enjoy the exam grade and pass then hopefully they will want to progress to the next exam grade meaning you have at least another three months of lessons.

The Most Important Piece Of Equipment & Skill You Need

In all my years of teaching guitar the fact is that I have only ever been asked if I have professional qualifications once. Yes, once! Quite astonishing. In most cases, your first point of contact with a potential new pupil will be via the phone. The phone is without doubt your most important piece of equipment and your ability to talk on the phone is the greatest skill you need to develop in engaging new business.

Most people want to know just two things and this is a problem. The things they want to know are:

  • How much do the lessons cost?
  • Where are you based and how far is that from their home?

Now, if you answer these questions right away I can guarantee that in most cases the potential pupil will say thanks and hang up then go away and try to find someone cheaper. This assumes that you’re not the cheapest teacher in your city or town. What you need to do is engage the potential new pupil through talking with them about what they are looking for etc. For example, ask them if they already have a guitar. Believe it or not, there have been many occasions when people have phoned me for lessons but don’t have a guitar. Ask them what kind of music they like and what they want to learn. Basically, keep them talking and build up a rapport with them before answering the only two questions they want answered.

You don’t have long to build up some sort of relationship but if you do then there is a much better chance you will get them to come for at least an introductory lesson.

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