How To Become A Guitar Teacher

If you are considering how to become a guitar teacher then this short guide, based upon guitarist Ged Brockie's thirty plus years as a guitar tutor at all levels is a must read. Ged has taught in private schools, college and university. He has devised guitar courses for the SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority) as well as creating summer schools and online teaching resources.Learn how you can build up a successful business teaching and enriching student's lives both young and old through music and the guitar.


Other Ways Of Earning Money

The big problem with teaching guitar is that the lines between business and personal relationships can become blurred. In deciding how to become a guitar teacher you also need to consider monetary reality. The hard nosed businessman part of you should, however, be charging for all activities connected with, but not explicitly centred around guitar tuition. Here are some ideas where you can charge additional fees as you see fit.

  • Transcribing a song that a pupil wants to learn.
  • Changing guitar strings.
  • Going to music shops to give advice on buying a guitar or guitar gear.
  • Creating backing tracks for practice outside of normal lesson material.
  • Writing your own guitar tutor publication and selling to pupils.

Round Up & Final Thoughts

Hopefully you will have gained some new ideas and have the confidence on how to become a guitar teacher. My career has been split between performance, composition and tuition. The biggest part of this has been tuition; probably as high as sixty percent of my lifetime’s earning. Don’t ever listen to the old but wrong adage “those that can play, those that can’t teach”. It’s not true. Almost all musicians teach at some point and only a tiny percentage don’t need to teach and earn exclusively from performance. In most cases, this tiny percentage teach anyway on occasion as they have something to say. If you have any thoughts or feel I have missed something on how to become a guitar teacher then please leave your thoughts below. You will need to sign in to add a comment.

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