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The GMI – Guitar & Music Institute podcasts brings interviews from some of the best guitar professionals in the world. We also create podcast guitar lessons and music lessons as well as gear reviews & more.

Learn and find out more from the best in the industry with host Ged Brockie, the creator of GMI – Guitar & Music Institute.

Episode 52 – Interview With Kostas Vaporidis

Kostas Vaporidis podcast
Greek guitarist player, teacher and composer Kostas Vaporidis has joined the GMI team on our new website for guitar players titled GMI Premium. Kostas talks about Greek music, Danish Kings and the problem with Youtube!   In this wide ranging interview, professional guitarist and composer Kostas Vaporidis talks about his life in music as a pro player working in Greece. Kostas...

Episode 50 – GMI Podcast Retrospective

GMI Podcast Retrospective
Not Exactly In The Blink Of An Eye, The GMI Podcast Finally Hits Fifty Our podcast has now hit fifty episodes and we thought it be a great chance to relive some of the funnier and also poignant moments from the array of wonderful musicians, inventors and those connected with the music industry. Ged Brockie has picked twelve exerts from...

Episode 47 – Jim McCutcheon – A Real American Guitar Hero

Jim McCutcheon
Jim McCutcheon has a musical life that will inspire you. Based in Ohio, Jim is part of the musical lifeblood of the city and state.  Honored by the State of Ohio, Jim McCutcheon's musical story is an incredible journey of giving and service which you'll find enthralling. Jim McCutcheon as well as being a musician in residence at the University of...

Episode 14 – Interview With FretDeck Inventor Justin Comstock

Struggling To Remember Your Chords, Scales & Theory? FretDeck Could Be The Answer   Let's face it, learning the guitar can be hard and that is where FretDeck comes in. It is a very simple concept, but like most of the best ideas; they are simple. In this podcast we talk to Justin Comstock about how came up with the idea...

Episode 9 – (Part 1 of 4) Interview With Hollywood Film Composer Hummie Mann.

Hummie Mann
Hummie Mann - Very Much Alive And Loving it! From his work with Mel Brooks, Marc Shaiman, James Newton Howard double Emmy winning composer Hummie Mann has achieved a huge amount within his musical life and career. In this serialised podcast interview, Hummie discusses everything from early beginnings through to working with some of the biggest names in American film music. Like What...

Episode 5 – Interview With Joseph Alexander Founder Of Fundamental Changes.

Fundamental Changes
Joseph Alexander Of Fundamental Changes - The Guitarist Who's Sold 300,000 Guitar Books! Joseph Alexander, the founder of Fundamental Changes is an amazing person and not only because he has sold a million dollars of guitar books. He is amazing because he found a gap in a market using new publishing technology and worked tirelessly to create a new way of...

Episode 16 – Musician’s Moving Online 1 – Interview With David Wallimann

Musicians Moving Online David-Wallimann
Musician's Moving Online 1 - Youtube Guitar Guru David Wallimann This is the first in a series of podcasts (which are not offered in sequential order across the series) which deals with the subject of how to create a successful offering online as a musician and actually make a living doing so. The first interview is with guitarist David Wallimann....

Episode 32 – Interview With Drooble Founder Melina Krumova

Drooble Melina Krumova
It's hard to get noticed as a musician these days, so if there is anything out there that can help, you should grab it with both hands. Drooble is a powerful new website for musicians. Ged Brockie talks with founder Melina Krumova about this new force in online music. Melina Krumova is a musician based in Bulgaria. She is the...

Episode 27 – Terry Wollman – Guitarist, Composer, Musical Director

Terry Wollman
Terry Wollman Has Worked With Some Of The Biggest Names In The Music Industry - Here He Talks Music, Career, And His Latest Release How many people get the opportunity to work with musicians of the stature of Stevie Wonder, Michael McDonald, Billy Preston, The 5th Dimension, Wilson Phillips, Al Jarreau, Joan Baez, Joe Walsh, Keb’ Mo’, Gerald Albright and...

Episode 53 – New Album Release From James Akers

James Akers has been part of GMI for over four years and in that time he has created some incredibly popular books that have sold the world over. It's great to hear that James has been back in the studio recording. In this podcast, you'll learn all about his new project, the other high end work that he's been...

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