Episode 11 – (Part 3 of 4) Interview With Hollywood Film Composer Hummie Mann.

This is the episode where Hummie starts to work in the big time and environment of Hollywood including producing, conducting, orchestrating and composing for major movie pictures. Incredible insight and knowledge given from a master musician who has been there and done it.


Working As An Orchestrator Then Composer In Hollywood.

Hummie Mann

Moving to L.A. is quite easy, finding work is quite hard. Hummie discusses how he managed to break into the L.A. scene. The early successes, working as an orchestrator and producer on major movies. Finally he discusses breaking into composing for film, the work, people and personalities within Hollywood.

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Podcast Ep 11 – Table Of Contents

  • 1.22 Arriving in Hollywood and working with Alf Clausen.
  • 2.43 Orchestating and ghost writing for the TV series Moonlighting & The Simpsons.
  • 3.43 TV series Seven Brides For Seven Brothers.
  • 5.22 Understanding how scoring for TV and film works.
  • 6.25 The changing technology used in film scoring.
  • 12.59 Working for Marc Shaiman on his films Misery and City Slickers, Addams Family.
  • 17.10 Expaining the difference between and orchestrator and a composer.
  • 24.00 First major film – rescoring Year Of The Comet for producer Rob Reiner.
  • 30.28 Working with themes in film scoring.
  • 32.44 Writing for the TV series P.T. Barnum.
  • 39.25 Getting signed to a major talent agency and opening doors.
  • 39.57 Working with Christopher Guest of Spinal Tap fame.
  • 41.23 Getting the gig to work with Mel Brooks on the movie Robin Hood Men In Tights.
  • 45.41 The ways in which a comedy film can be scored.

In the final episode of the Hummie Mann podcasts, Hummie discusses his founding and building up one of the foremost film music education programmes in the world. He will also discuss his latest projects as well as thoughts and stories about Hollywood.

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