Episode 12 – (Part 4 of 4) Interview With Hollywood Film Composer Hummie Mann.

This final part of the Hummie Mann Podcast series explores further film scoring work and opportunities including Hummie working with Jerry Goldsmith. He then discusses the creation of PNW and thoughts on music education in general and film scoring in particular. Finally, Hummie talks about the exciting new projects that he is currently working on.


Moving To Seattle, Creating The PNW Film Scoring Programme, Getting An(other) Education …

Hummie Mann

Hummie wraps up this four part interview discussing his move to Seattle, the first beginnings of the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program. He also talks about how he met Barbara Streisand under a huge last minute orchestration gig! His relationship and work with Jerry Goldsmith and finally his current film projects.

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Podcast Ep 12 – Table Of Contents

  • 1.05 The way in which technology is changing in film music.
  • 4.07 Hummie discusses his Emmy awards.
  • 3.43 TV series Seven Brides For Seven Brothers.
  • 5.55 Revisiting “Language Of The Heart”.
  • 8.08 PNW – How one of the finest film scoring programs started out.
  • 12.59 Working for Marc Shaiman on his films Misery and City Slickers, Addams Family.
  • 17.53 Deciding to study a doctoral thesis.
  • 22.14 The results students studying at PNW are getting in the music industry.
  • 25.24 Writing a book on film scoring and orchestration.
  • 27.55 Orchestrating for a Barbara Streisand movie…last minute call!
  • 29.43 Memories of Jerry Goldsmith.
  • 37.45 Current projects underway and in the pipeline.


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