Episode 17 – A Cautionary Tale For All Musicians

Making a living as a musician can for many be hard. What is harder is when you get ripped off! This is a podcast about how Ged Brockie got ripped off, what he should have done and what you should do to ensure you get paid for the work you do. Also Ged will cover what to do next if you are unfortunately not paid for a gig.


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Ever Been Ripped Off As A Musician? If Not Then Listen To This Podcast

A cautionary tale for all musicians


Getting consistent and well paid work can be hard, getting ripped off once you’ve done it is a whole different matter. Find out how you can prevent this happening to you.

Podcast Ep 17 – Table Of Contents

1.03 Introduction.
1.26 The tale in full.
5.47 The sucker punch.
7.38 A long list of broken promises.
9.40 What to do next?
10.15 Lessons learned.
12.19 Tricks to watch out for!
13.45 Organisations worth joining.
14.50 Online resources.
15.50 Taking revenge, is it worth it?
17.05 Give us your story.


Links Mentioned In The Podcast

The UK Musicians Union

A really good article from CD BABY

The American Federation Of Musicians


Any updates to the original podcast will be posted here and dated.

Original gig with promise of payment after gig with an unknown band 08/07/17

GREAT NEWS! The band member (not band leader) who phoned actually got the gig fee into my account and hopefully it came from the band leader! On this occasion I’ve been really lucky but perhaps not so lucky next time so watch out guys! 28/07/17


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This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, Guitar & Music Institute may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.


  1. Jed,just listened to your bad experience about not getting paid.I felt angry that anyone would put you in this position.Thanks for opening up about all this.My own musical experiences are playing in pubs,where I enjoy networking with loads of great musicians,some really nice folks.I also help out the music sessions at Columcille Day Centre.I don’t need to fret about getting paid as the joy of playing as well as I can is the most important thing,and surrounding yourself with great musicians!However,I played in a coffee house a few years back-I would have played for nothing-but the excitement and challenge of doing it(first ever time on my own!)was enough.I got paid £30 for 2 and a half hours,instrumental stuff.Afterwards,as much as I enjoyed playing I thought to myself I need to get better,way better!If I was going to do anything on my own I have to say I’d still play for free.However,everything you talked about in your podcast has been taken on board!

    • Ray, thanks for the feedback. Yes, it’s challenging being a musician so it makes it worse when we have to deal with people who are dishonest and out to rip folk off at the expense of others.



  2. Amazing Ged as always!

    I do a lot of standing in work in the wedding band front. I’m normally pretty chilled when it comes to payment at the end of the night. But I can see this leaves you open to someone exploiting that trust.

    Runnin an invoice pre gig is a great idea. And I’ll for sure look into joining the Musicians Union!


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