Episode 30 – Tim Clarke of Pitch Pilot


Pitch Pilot – Inventor Tim Clarke Discusses New Invention For Guitar Pitch Pilot, Niagara Falls and Log Cabins.

Tim Clarke's Log Cabin Pitch Pilot

Tim Clarke’s Log Cabin, inventor of Pitch PilotAbove you can see the log cabin that Tim Clarke, inventor of Pitch Pilot lives in. Tim is a musician who has a long line of inventions and ideas. In this episode, Ged Brockie from GMI discusses Pitch Pilot, Tim’s latest invention that helps guitarists bend individual strings on guitars. It’s hard bringing new ideas to the market and Tim discusses the lows and highs of the Pitch Perfect product.

Living in a log cabin (above) in Canada, Tim needed to travel to undertake this interview which he gave near Niagara falls.

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Podcast Ep 30 – Table Of Contents

1.16 Tim describes his recording location.
2.59 Where Tim lives.
6.30 Introduction to Pitch Pilot.
13.17 The difference between Pitch Pilot and existing wammy bars.
14.40 Is Pitch Pilot confined to certain musical genres?
17.05 How is Pitch Pilot physically connected to a guitar?
22.01 Undertaking R&D.
25.36 The Pitch Pilot Kickstarter campaign.
28.26 Is Pitch Pilot too expensive?
35.59 Is the licencing of Pitch Pilot a possibility?
40.20 A musical family.

Video Material From Pitch Pilot

A review of Pitch Pilot from the guys at Guitar World.

An up close look at Pitch Pilot

Watch Pitch Pilot in action being used on a Fender Tele.

Links To Pitch Pilot Online Content

Fancy checking out Pitch Pilot in more detail? If you do, then here are the links you need.

The Pitch Pilot Campaign on Kickstarter.

The Pitch Pilot website Pitch Pilot.

The Pitch Pilot Youtube Channel.

The Facebook page for Pitch Pilot.

Twitter users here is Pitch Pilot on Twitter.

Tim’s daughter vocalist Paige Cora & her orchestra

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