Episode 21 – (Part 1 of 2) Interview With Guitarist Graeme Duffin of Wet Wet Wet

There are few guitarists who land a gig with a major pop band. The amount of guitarists who can work with that band for 33 years is minuscule! Graeme Duffin has been the "fifth" member of Scottish chart topping band Wet Wet Wet for all these years. This is the first of two podcasts in which Graeme talks about life on the road, working with the band and many other things besides.


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Graeme Duffin – Pop Group Wet Wet Wet Guitarist for Over Three Decades!

Graeme Duffin

Graeme Duffin is a bit of a legend when it comes to being a guitarist who’s actually lived the dream! Played at the most prestigious venues around the world?…check! Done the private jet with the rock band?…check! Taken part in world tours?…check! Played on lots of hit records and album?…check! Still a great guy after all this?…check! Listen to the first of two podcasts about life on the road, recording and much more as a session player in what was once one of the world’s biggest pop bands.

Graeme has kindly allowed us to photograph the many awards and guitars found in his studio. Check out these great images from the recording date of this interview.

Graeme Duffin
Graeme in position with some of his many guitars and awards behind him.

Graeme Duffin Orange Amps
Here is a promotional shot of Graeme for Orange Amps from back in the day!

And another image showing some of his many gold discs for sales over the years.

Wet Wet Wet Awards For Graeme Duffin

Podcast Ep 21 – Table Of Contents

3.13 Graeme’s musical background.
6.58 Deciding to take music up as a career.
10.23 Graeme’s first ever guitar.
12.30 Hooking up with Wet Wet Wet.
17.20 Fitting in with the band’s style.
20.10 The winning producer combination that made all the difference to the Wets.
22.52 Working with a top USA producer that was a big disappointment.
25.40 Earning points as a producer with the band.
28.06 The pressure to keep the hits coming.
33.32 How Graeme feels about the last thirty three years musically and as an experience.
37.01 The creation of Foundry Music Lab.
39.38 Ashton Lane…the next BIG project.


Links To Graeme’s Online Content

Graeme does not have a personal website, however, you’ll find links to his studio and Ashton Lane below.

Check out Graeme’s recording studio Foundry Music Lab at this link.

Ashton Lane links

Ashton Lane features Graeme’s daughter and son in law in an incredible Nashville sound duo. Check out there work through the links below.

Breathe You In single – http://bit.ly/ashtonlanebreatheyouin



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This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, Guitar & Music Institute may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.