Episode 22 – (Part 2 of 2) Interview With Guitarist Graeme Duffin of Wet Wet Wet

In the second of the two part interview Graeme Duffin let's us in on his favourite guitarists, talks candidly about his stammer and how it has been challenging at times as well as taking part in the McGuire programme. He is also at pains to talk about his daughter and son in laws band Ashton Lane so plenty for you to watch, listen and view here.


Graeme Duffin – Keeping Songwriting In The Family With Ashton Lane


Ashton Lane Graeme Duffin

In this second part of the two part Graeme Duffin interview, Graeme discusses the challenges he faced with stuttering and how he has worked with the McGuire programme to overcome it. Also he is very proud and keen to discuss his daughter and son in law’s band “Ashton Lane”. Check out this post for the podcast, video images and links.

As mentioned in the intro, this podcast discusses Ashton Lane which comprises his daughter and son in law Esther and Tim O’Conner. Graeme plays guitars as well as arranging, producing, mixing and mastering at his Foundry Music Lab.

Back to those glittery guitars on Graeme’s wall!

Graeme Duffin guitars



Podcast Ep 22 – Table Of Contents

1.01 Discussing Ashton Lane and Graeme’s involvement with the project.
3.44 Graeme’s favourite guitar players.
5.33 The gear used on Wet Wet Wet tours.
7.30 Discussing guitars.
8.11 Talking about the McGuire programme.
19.10 Is there going to be another “Wets” tour?
20.05 Advice for young guitarists getting into the music business.
22.50 Graeme get’s one last plug in about Ashton Lane!


Links To Graeme’s Online Content

Graeme does not have a personal website, however, you’ll find links to his studio and Ashton Lane below.

Check out Graeme’s recording studio Foundry Music Lab at this link.

The McGuire Programme – Go Beyond Stuttering

Ashton Lane links

Ashton Lane – Nashville sound duo. Check out the links below.

Breathe You In single – http://bit.ly/ashtonlanebreatheyouin


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