Episode 31 – Interview With Guitarist Ant Law

This podcast features a guitarist who plays at the highest echelons of the music industry. He moved to and burst into the London music scene ten years ago and now is established as one of Europe's rising forces in guitar.


Ant Law is without doubt one of the most creative and expressive guitarists on the music scene today. In this interview with Ged Brockie, Ant discusses music, creativity, working in London and life as a musician.

Ant Law


Ant Law is one of a small band of musicians who not only play other people’s music, but works hard exploring his own creativity and expression. This wide ranging interview finds Ant discussing his life before and then moving to London. Breaking into the scene and carving out a career in one of the most demanding musical environs in Europe. Ant also discusses his latest projects and his musical ideas and vision for the future.

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Podcast Ep 31 – Table Of Contents

2.02 Ant talks about his current tour and group trio HLK.
7.02 This is music to be listened to!
8.09 Ant discusses his background.
10.03 Getting established in London.
12.54 The skills needed to play in musical theatre in London.
17.58 Are there differences between working with theatre bands and orchestras?
23.46 Utilising social media and it’s role with working musicians.
26.56 The main strands of Ant’s current work.
32.52 Life outside of music.
38.03 Discussing Ant’s guitar tuning.

Video Material Of Ant Law In Action

There is an extensive amount of video material with Ant on Youtube, here is just a small selection of what is available to view.

The Ant Law Trio performing with Jazz Nursery

Ant recording a solo over Parallel People for his second album “Zero Sum World”

finally, here is a video of Ant performing “ten licks” for the crowdfunding of his third album

Links To Ant Law’s Online Content

Find out more and follow Ant; here are the links you need.

The Pitch Pilot website Ant Law.

The Ant Law Youtube Channel.

The Facebook page for Ant Law.

Twitter users here is Ant Law on Twitter.

Instagram Ant Law

Trio HLK website

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