Episode 4 – Interview With Classical Guitar Maestro Phillip Thorne MBE.

Phillip Thorne has devoted his entire adult life to the classical guitar. Teaching, performing and commissioning new music from living composers which he has performed and recorded have made him "the Godfather" of Scottish classical guitar. In this interview with GMI - Guitar & Music Institute Phillip discusses a wide range of topics from early beginnings to life as a performer and education.


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Phillip Thorne MBE Discusses His Life Of Guitar & Music

Phillip Thorne MBE is one of Scotland’s most significant guitar players of the last forty years and not just within the realm of classical guitar. His commissioning of new music for guitar and orchestra, his work within the field of performance and education have been a beacon of light for a generation of players to follow, emulate and in Phillip’s own works “better”. In this candid interview, Phillip discusses his life from his first exposure to music, through the “performance years” as well as guitar competitions, classical guitar education and more.

Phillip Thorne
Phillip Thorne in rehearsal of a new guitar concerto by John Maxwell Geddes. The composer is conducting.

Podcast Ep 4 – Table Of Contents

  • 1.45 Early years of piano, Hendrix, bands and finding classical guitar.
  • 4.30 Learning classical guitar in Scotland during the 1960s.
  • 6.29 Main classical guitar influences.
  • 9.24 Working with composer Thomas Wilson
  • 10.24 Locating recordings of classical guitarists.
  • 12.10 Getting an education.
  • 13.54 The Moray House years.
  • 15.14 Guitar societies and performance.
  • 20.00 Thoughts on adjudicating guitar competitions.
  • 24.19 Working as a head of music.
  • 25.50 Sorros.
  • 27.40 The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland formally the RSAMD.
  • 32.25 Discussing the “MBE” and how it happened.
  • 34.16 The many guitars and guitar maker relationships.
  • 39.30 Classical guitar education and it’s challenges.
  • 45.20 The opportunities and difficulties facing today’s classical guitarists.

Listen To Phillip Thorne MBE Performing

Part of a guitar concerto premier composed by Thomas Wilson and performed by Phillip Thorne MBE.


Sorros – Dances of The Scottish Courte with Phillip Thorne and Selina Madeley: From the album Sorros.


“Stardustis” from the album “Celtic Soul” by Phillip Thorne and Selina Madeley

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This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, Guitar & Music Institute may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.


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