Jazz Progressions


Jazz Progressions Which Are A Challenge For Guitar

If you find jazz progressions a challenge and you’ve been playing the guitar for some time, then hopefully this video will help you make real progress. The lesson actually revolves around a song titled “Here You Go” which weaves through numerous key changes throughout. This poses a real challenge for guitar players as the speed of the changes means that large movements across the neck are out of the question. Get your hands on the chords used in the video and one of the backing tracks by clicking the link directly below this text.

COME FROM YOUTUBE FOR THE DOWNLOAD FOR THIS VIDEO? CLICK Lesson 13 Drop Two Voicings Uncovered Free Material!

jazz progressions


Lesson Thirteen – Complete Song With Challenging Jazz Progressions

This is a partial transcription of the text found within the video above. Well, we’ve finally got here and if you’re one of the people who has looked at all the videos then you deserve a medal! Hopefully you will have been downloading all the free materials that have been offered in each of the video lessons. It will hopefully make you feel that your getting it together in terms of your chordal knowledge, understanding and ability to play all over the neck in any key.

I felt that this last video lesson in this (Youtube) playlist, it would be fitting that it was a challenge. We’ve looking at a rather up tempo jazz number called “Here You Go”. For owners of the book Drop Two Voicings Uncovered, they will get the full transcription as well to play along which includes music and TAB notation. Book owners will also be able to download further chordal examples right across the neck.

For this video, you have one set of chords. As always, it’s on the first string set, strings one through four. “Here You Go” is a challenge because it goes through a number of keys and you can see just on my left here, the number of keys that the song goes through. Each bar is jumping to another key in most cases. The reason I did this was to offer a real challenge to guitar players and to show just what is possible with drop two voicings utilising inversion theory and voice leading. To hear the rest of the narration and view the song being played, please watch the video above.



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