Blues Chords


How To Play Blues Chords Within A Blues Song

Beyond the basic I – IV – V blues progression, there is a wealth of songs that need more than just power chords. In this lesson, we use drop two chord voicings to play blues chords all over the neck and on all strings sets. You’ll find some great ideas for your own playing by downloading the backing track and chord sheet.

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blues chords

Lesson Twelve – Blues Chords Played Across All Strings Within A Song

This is a partial transcription of the text found within the video above. Welcome back if you’ve been watching the other videos and hello if your just dipping in and you’ve never seen any of the other videos, I’d encourage you to check them out. This is the penultimate video of a thirteen video series which goes through all the lessons found in the book Drop Two Voicings Uncovered written by myself Ged Brockie for GMI. We’re looking at a blues tune today and it’s all notated out for book owners so they can learn the tune. The actual samples that were used in the creation of this aren’t going to winning prizes any time soon, but I’m sure with a guitar lead line over the top it’s going to sound great.

We’re going to be looking at drop two voicings. For book owners, again, they will be able to download further examples of how to play over this. For you as a viewer on Youtube or GMI, you can simply download the chords I’m going to play in this example. So, it’s a twelve bar blues. There is nothing too uncommon in terms of the progression. Each chord shape gets two beats and if you’ve been looking at some of the other videos there is a turnaround at the end which uses a I – VI – II – V progression. Now, if you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about there, I’d encourage you to look back at lesson seven. To hear the full narration and demonstration of lesson twelve, please watch the entire video above.



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