Episode 28 – Adam Klosowiak of KLOS Guitars

Have you ever wanted to take your guitar on holiday with you? It can be tricky as well as dangerous as far as your instrument goes. To date, alternatives have been few and far between or prohibitively expensive, but not any more. KLOS Guitars create a growing range of affordable and durable guitars that could be just the ticket. Listen to this revealing interview with Adam Klosowiak, one of two brothers who created this startup company.


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KLOS Guitars Is Run By Adam Klosowiak and His Brother Ian. Find Out How They Have Redefined The Travel Guitar Market.

KLOS Guitars

There was a time when guitars were only made from wood, but those days have long gone. Now there are many materials used, but when it comes to dealing with extremes carbon fibre has to be one of the most durable materials yet. Adam Klosowiak of KLOS Guitars tells all in this incredible journey of two young brothers and their bid to dominate the travel guitar market.

Podcast Ep 28 – Table Of Contents

2.10 About Adam and Ian Klosowiak, education and the creation of KLOS.
3.56 How engineering has helped in the creation of the company.
4.34 What is the problem?
7.24 Chance happening leads to carbon fibre.
10.43 KLOS and crowd funding.
13.20 Adam outlines the various crowdfunding campaigns undertaken by KLOS.
20.16 Who are KLOS Guitars aimed at?
22.40 Ukulele launch.
26.25 Selling through social media platforms.
28.49 Where does KLOS Guitars stand with regards future crowdfunding campaigns?
30.22 The accessories available for KLOS Guitars.
32.29 How good does the KLOS sound against traditional guitars?

Video Material From KLOS Guitars

KLOS Guitars promotional video.

Demo of KLOS Guitars with Darrell Braun

Review of KLOS Guitars by Acousticlife.tv

Links To KLOS Guitars Online Content

Let’s face it, the KLOS Guitar range is a real must have so why not have a look at what you could be playing round the campfire real soon!

KLOS Guitars website KLOS Guitars

The KLOS Guitars Youtube Channel.

The Facebook page for KLOS Guitars.

Instagram users can find KLOS Guitars Instagram here.

Last but not least, KLOS Guitars on Twitter.


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This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, Guitar & Music Institute may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.