Ten How To Play Rock Guitar Books

There are so many books out there covering how to play rock guitar, so we thought we'd cast our eye over ten that are a real stand out. Hope you enjoy this and if you think we missed one, then give us your thoughts.


10 How To Play Rock Guitar Books…You Should Buy

How To Play Rock Guitar

GMI launched a new and exciting book in 2016 and we created this how to play rock guitar book list at the same time. Titled, “Drop Two Voicings Uncovered“, the book offers the following:

  1. Use as a stand alone book for learning new chords and progressions.
  2. Can be used in conjunction with our Youtube channel lessons which covers every lesson within the book in detail.
  3. Also for use in conjunction with the backing tracks and extra book resources offered direct from GMI.

So, we thought it would be a great opportunity to actually look at ten rock books that you should consider buying as there is a mountain of great books out there. We hope you like this selection, but if you have any suggestions, please add them to the comments below! These books are in no particular order so don’t think we think that one is better than four or five is better than ten. Creating and publishing books is one way for guitarists to make an income stream that keeps giving. If you are out there and thinking of new ways to increase your income then publishing guitar books may be right up your street.

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how to play rock guitar

Rock Guitar Secrets is by Peter Fischer and covers a huge amount of ground including: Warm ups, pentatonic scales, the blues scale, string bending/vibrato, the major scale, alternate picking, the modes, legato technique, triadic arpeggios, economy picking, four note arpeggios, string skipping, two handed tapping, the harmonic minor scale, the melodic minor scale, exotic scales, the vibrato arm, effective learning, improvisation and building solos.

It covers a huge amount of ground and is one hundred and eighty three pages long.


Most people agree that this is a superb piece of work and well worth the money, although it will take you some time to get through it!

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