Funk Chords Within A Minor Blues


Funk Chords Within A Minor Blues Song

This video lesson offers guitarists a great way to learn funk chords within the setting of an actual song. Funky Minor Blues is the first of three complete songs with play along and recommended chord ideas. For the owners of the book Drop Two Voicings Uncovered, they also have access to the fully notated song along with TAB notation.

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Lesson Eleven – Complete Song With Funk Chords Explained

This is a partial transcription of the text found within the video above. Hi there, this is lesson eleven, or video eleven and we’re coming towards the end now. We are now looking at actual pieces within the Drop Two Voicings Uncovered book. There are three pieces, fully notated, for book owners to learn. For you watching this video, you can download the chords that I am going to play as I play along with the actual backing track so, you’ll be able to get the backing track. Book owners will also be able to download further examples and ideas from the GMI website so they can so they can prolong their study.

We are going to look at this imaginatively titled Funky Blues In G minor and it’s got that name because it’s a funky blues in G minor; that’s really about it. It’s twelve bars long and each chord shape gets two beats each. There is not a lot to say about this. You are going to see me playing it, but I just want to say that the progression you can see there is filled up with chords and each bar gets two chords each. We will be trying to utilise chords all over strings set one to four and all over the neck. To watch the song being played please watch the video above. Also, ensure that you download the free materials that are presented as part of this offering from GMI – the Guitar & Music Institute.


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