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Are you looking to learn or struggling with guitar barre chords? GMI – the Guitar & Music Institute offers you a completely free introduction course to learning barre chords. The five lesson course is taught by professional guitarist and composer Gary Clinton who explains all you need to know.

guitar barre chords
Lesson two is all about the shapes you will use with barre technique to enable you to play any of the chords in any key.

What does the guitar barre chords course cover? You can view the first lesson below which is a short video explaining how barre chords work regarding root notes. Gary will then take you through the various shapes that you can use with these root notes. As the course continues, you will be shown how to utilize these chords in easy to memorize patterns. Finally, Gary will then show you how to get the best out of the shapes you have learned and how to take your playing to the next level by putting it all together lesson.

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The above lesson is our preview lesson from the course. You don’t need to join up to GMI, as all our guitar courses are totally free. The other courses that we currently offer include a beginners guitar course and a more advanced guitar course once you have learned the above. Also, we have lessons for guitarists who want to learn about open string chords, guitar scales and lots more. As mentioned, you can access all material with just one sign up.

We have lots of new material coming soon and we often update the material we already offer with further learning resources. By joining up you will be able to access pdfs, backing tracks and music that is not offered outwith GMI.

We look forward to you being part of GMI and we are sure that you will make fast progress with your guitar barre chords by taking our course today.

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