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  • Pentatonic Scale Guitar Course

    by Gary Clinton 4 Lessons in

    pentatonic scale guitar course

    Getting into playing riffs and solos is the number one reason why so many people pick up the guitar. Knowing what to learn and how to make fast progress is usually the first problem. With this course of five lessons you'll learn from a player who really knows his onions! Gary Clinton takes you through five brilliant guitar lessons teaching all you need to know about minor pentatonic scales.

  • Chord Melody Jazz Guitar Course

    by Ged Brockie 1 Lessons in ,

    Chord Melody Jazz Guitar

    The Chord Melody Jazz Guitar Course From GMI If you are looking to learn chord melody jazz guitar then this is the course for you! This is being labelled a course but actually, each and every lesson provided here is a self contained course in itself. You will find a growing range of solo jazz […]

  • Jazz Guitar Course - Improvising & Comping Over Giant Steps

    by MalcolmMacFarlane 3 Lessons in

    improvising & comping

    In this eight lesson knowledge packed course, virtuoso guitarist Malcolm MacFarlane demonstrates how you can learn and improve your improvisation and comping in a jazz style using John Coltrane's seminal composition "Giant Steps" as a template. This course is for the more advanced guitarist and includes a huge amount of learning resources for the guitarist who is interested in learning to play jazz guitar.


    by Nigel Clark 3 Lessons in

    the need for speed

    The "Need For Speed" is a course of lessons from GMI - Guitar & Music Institute which features the performance and teaching talents of virtuoso jazz guitarist Nigel Clark. Nigel discusses his picking and lighting fast technique over scales and arpeggios, rhythm playing and chord melody.


    by Ged Brockie 15 Lessons

    guitar pedals

    Find out how to get the best from your guitar pedals and pedalboards with this course of free lessons that covers a huge range of guitar effects and even some guitar synth input as well.


    by Ged Brockie 13 Lessons

    drop 2 chords

    Drop 2 chords are an often misunderstood concept for guitar players. This free thirteen lesson course features over two hours of HD video. It also offers free pdf and backing track resources.

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