Episode 32 – Interview With Drooble Founder Melina Krumova

If you are a musician or someone who loves discovering music then you need to discover "Drooble"! Drooble is a musician network website on steroids! In this podcast episode, Ged Brockie chats with Melina Krumova, the founder of Drooble.


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It’s hard to get noticed as a musician these days, so if there is anything out there that can help, you should grab it with both hands. Drooble is a powerful new website for musicians. Ged Brockie talks with founder Melina Krumova about this new force in online music.

Melina Krumova Drooble

Melina Krumova is a musician based in Bulgaria. She is the force behind the music networking site “Drooble”. If you’ve never heard of the website and you create music then you really need to get over there and start being part of one of the fastest growing networking and music exploration sites on the net today. GMI founder Ged Brockie discusses Drooble, finding music and the future plans for the company.


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Podcast Ep 32 – Table Of Contents

3.06 What is Drooble?
6.41 Getting musicians on board and engaged.
9.12 Musicians need to change the way they think about other musicians.
11.37 Does the platform need to get non musicians engaged with the site?
15.48 Regardless of genre, Drooble is looking for genuine music.
17.47 Plans to monetize?
19.34 Melina’s background.
23.33 The creation of a rock school in Sofia.
30.20 About specific Karma points and rewards – the currency used on the site.
37.16 Music collection societies and the way forward for musicians.
40.11 Where did the name “Drooble” come from?

Video Material

Drooble is an easy to understand platform, however, just in case they have created some great video content to help you get up and running fast.

How the website works, the ins and outs of it all.

Promo video featuring Melina. Note: this video language is in Bulgarian.

Short promo video in English.

Links To Drooble

Find out more about Drooble and where to sign up; here are the links you need.

The Drooble website.

The Youtube Channel.

The Facebook page.

Twitter users can interact here on Twitter.

Instagram Drooble

That is the end of this podcast feature, we hope you take a closer look at Melina’s website as it really looks like a positive way forward. If you enjoyed this podcast, then please check Out all our other GMI podcasts which can be found HERE.

This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, Guitar & Music Institute may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.


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