Episode 40 – Creating a Community Guitar group with Chris Dixon


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Have you ever considered or even thought about community guitar groups? In this podcast, Chris Dixon explains his journey to creating more than just a one on one teaching practice.

Chris Dixon with a guitar group
Chris in action with a group of local guitar players

Ever felt that one to one tuition, whilst the best way to teach guitar, or indeed any instrument is a bit…well, sort of isolated? Would it not be great to actually take this and make it into something that feels and is a bit bigger with regards the other teachers and artistic people in your community?

Chris Dixon from East Lothian in Scotland has done just that. Chris has taken his one to one guitar teaching practice and developed it into a community group and by reaching out to other players and those involved with the arts has created something that is much more connected.

Chris also talks about his jet setting early years, how he got into guitar in the first place and how he views guitar tuition and the relevance of community action in music!


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Chris with a student in one to one mode

Podcast Ep 40 – Table Of Contents

1.25 Chris’s early life and musical background and education.
7.07 Opportunity knocks as Chris is asked to head up a musical school’s guitar provision.
9.30 Creating the East Lothian Community Guitar group.
12.05 How the community guitar group has connected with other groups across the local area.
14.44 Where to look for bigger premises without breaking the bank.
20.55 How much does it cost to set up a community guitar or music group?
27.52 Do community organisations need to be not for profit, basically charities?
25.53 What gear and technical equipment is needed and what is Chris’s setup?
29.24 Costings and the difference between community group prices and private tuition.

Learn more about Chris by following these links.

Book a lesson with Chris at the East Lothian Guitar Lesson’s website

Connect with Chris and other guitarists at the East Lothian Guitar Lessons Facebook page. 

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This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, Guitar & Music Institute may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.