GMI Tutor Gary Clinton Signed To Chicago Music Publisher


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Gary Clinton Puts Pen To Paper Re Music Contract

Gary Clinton Flux Velociraptor

Gary Clinton, one of GMI – Guitar & Music Institute’s main tutors has been signed to Chicago based publishing company Music Of The Sea. We look at Gary’s current activities including his new band EP with Flux Velociraptor and his impending new videos for guitarists around the world with GMI.

It’s great to promote one of our own, in this case Gary Clinton who has provided a wide range of materials for GMI including the much loved Beginners Guitar Course, Barre Chords Course and his massive Guitar Pedals Course.

With Gary now signed to Music of the Sea publishing we thought we’d do a little self promotion on behalf of one of our hardest working tutors here on GMI. Gary’s current and back catalogue of music will be placed in a variety of film, TV documentary, offline and online media projects.

The Life Of A Professional Musician

Everyone knows it can be challenging to both teach guitar, carry out corporate money making gigs and be creative; this hasn’t stopped Gary though as he has just released a new EP with his band Flux Velociraptor.

Here is the press release from the band:

Gary Clinton

Flux Velociraptor

Gary Clinton: Guitar & Synths, Gary Pycroft: Bass, Kenny McCabe: Drums

Quick Info

Instrumental riff-rockers Flux Velociraptor, from Linlithgow, Scotland, are purveyors of mountainous riffs and earth shattering grooves. We hesitate to use words like ‘prog’ or ‘math’, as we are not that, but we’re certainly not mainstream. We believe music should take risks, avoid the status quo, have live wires sticking out and blood still dripping from it.


Don Caballero & early Battles are certainly important influences. We also greatly admire Steve Albini for his recording & ‘music biz’ philosophies; Josh Homme for his songwriting prowess; and Tom Morello for his innovative guitar sounds and riffage.

Press / Recent News

The Skinny were first to review our debut EP Velociraptor Attractor and had cool things to say:

[They] show off a keen wit, whilst at the same time veering nicely between build-up and energy. They can bring the monster riffage, skewed keyboard straight out of a 70s horror film [and] ferocious noise twinned with a kind of high-pitched whine that recalls Sabbath-era Ozzy – no mean feat for a vocal-less band.”

  • We began gigging in Glasgow & Edinburgh in Sept 2017 and we are releasing our debut EP on 20th Mar 2018 across the usual steaming outlets plus our bandcamp page.
  • In Jan 2018 we made our radio debut with Jim Gellatly (Amazing Radio) and Ricki Neill (RockSport DAB) and somewhat surprisingly made to #3 in the latter’s ‘Top 40 Unsigned Chart’ in a backdrop of largely mainstream pop & rock.

Brief History & Why We Do It

Our debut release ‘Velociraptor Attractor EP’ was recorded live in Split Level Studio’s, Edinburgh by Neil McNaught in 2012. The guilty parties were Gary Clinton on guitar, Robbie Smith (BRITNEY) on bass and Ricki Thomson (Bloke Music) on drums. Under that guise we played 3 live shows however that line-up collapsed, 5 years passed and I recruited Gary & Kenny into the fold.

We aren’t attempting to seek fame, or become ‘the next big thing’ but rather earn the respect of likeminded musicians and music fans by making the music we would want to hear, simply because we are passionate, and it’s great fun being in a band.

You can find us in the usual social places & our EP is available at When we release it we’ll change the £5 price tag to ‘pay-what-you-want’ for a short time.


If you have a band then creating your own press release is a must and something you should really take seriously. The above is a good example of how to go about creating a press release.

Gary Clinton’s Flux Velociraptor Social Media Links

If you are into new music, then the guys would love your support! Here are a range of social media links where you can find the band.

Get In Contact With Gary

If you would like to contact Gary about creating guitar videos, licencing his music, or guitar tuition then head over to his website which can be found at Gary Clinton dot com.

This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, Guitar & Music Institute may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.