Episode 39 – Justin Dolezy of Neck Diagrams

For many, software development and release would seem an easy way to untold riches, however, the reality is a lot harder. Countless hours of programming, upgrades, marketing means the reality of realizing your dream comes down to hard work. Neck Diagrams is a gem of a program that guitarists the world over will find of use from players, to teachers, hobbyists and professional publishers.


Ged Brockie Of GMI Discusses The Incredible Piece Of Guitar Software That No Guitarist Should Be Without Called “Neck Diagrams” With It’s Creator Justin Dolezy.

The three packages available from Neck Diagrams

We’ve all done it. Grabbed and scribbled down a bunch of lines and created our own chord boxes to then remember the latest and best chord, scale or arpeggio. Perhaps it was a bunch of chords for a song. You would think that there would be a plethora of quality software out there that could help you create beautiful images that you could easily share…but you’d be wrong.

Justin Dolezy created the company Neck Diagrams over ten years ago and in that time, his software is the “go too” piece of digital kit that guitarists use to create stunning fret board images.

Hot on the heels of our review of the latest incarnation of the software ND2, Ged Brockie discusses all things music, guitar and delves (lightly) into the world of programming. Justin discusses just what it takes to get a program like this up, running and out there to the guitar public at large.

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Podcast Ep 39 – Table Of Contents

2.43 Justin’s background in music, music education and guitar playing.
14.25 When the idea of ND came about.
17.16 The programming language used.
18.10 The initial coding and challenges.
19.45 The original ND 1 logo…the two dudes!
21.40 The reception to ND 1.
27.52 The amount of new code needed for ND 2.
28.37 The role of the Neck Diagram Community in developing the program.
34.04 The future of ND.

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