Episode 36 – Jazz Guitarist Tom Lippincott


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Tom Lippincott is a highly respected professional guitarist based in Florida, USA. This interview was meant to be broad ranging, however, Tom’s eight string guitar (yes you read that correctly) took up almost the entire show!

Tom Lippincott jazz guitarist

One thing that non-musicians should understand is that the world is full of great musicians, however, very few can actually claim to make a living from predominantly playing music. This podcast interview is with one such musician Tom Lippincott.

Tom is an incredibly accomplished musician who also teaches guitar. Just take a look at one of his many Youtube video lessons (link below) and you’ll immediately be struck by his knowledge and ability to clearly communicate his message.

As the headline notes, this interview didn’t get much past Tom’s eight string guitar but we are hopeful that we can talk with Tom again in the near future as there is a lot more to discuss!


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Podcast Ep 36 – Table Of Contents

2.50 Opening remarks about Tom’s eight string guitar.
9.35 Finding a guitar luthier to make the instrument.
13.12 Why so many knobs on the guitar?
19.35 What is the tuning of the eight string guitar?
31.01 Discussing the George Van Esps guitar methods.
37.12 Tom’s story of actually picking up the guitar from the guitar maker.
41.48 Getting used to the bigger neck.
46.12 Confessions of a stupid guitar player.
50.50 Why is quartal harmony not more “mainstream”?

Video Material

Just two examples of Tom from Youtube

Tom playing his eight string guitar

Tom on eight string and Steve on seven string.

Performing “All The Things You Are” with
Steve Herberman on 7 string guitar

Links To Tom Lippincott

Interested in getting to know about Tom’s work? Please follow the links below.

Tom’s website can be found at Tom Lippincott

A large range of Tom’s guitar tuition can be found on the “Mike’s Master Classes” on Youtube.

Thanks for listening to our latest podcast, we have another lined up and it will be appearing soon. If you enjoyed this podcast, then please check out all our other GMI – Guitar and Music Institute podcasts.

This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, Guitar & Music Institute may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.


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