Episode 14 – Interview With FretDeck Inventor Justin Comstock

FretDeck is a new and yet, old way of learning. FretDeck put simply uses cards to help aid your memorisation of chords, scales and theory. In this podcast we talk to Justin Comstock who came up with the idea of FretDeck and successfully got the funding through Kickstarter.


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Struggling To Remember Your Chords, Scales & Theory? FretDeck Could Be The Answer

Justin Comstock


Let’s face it, learning the guitar can be hard and that is where FretDeck comes in. It is a very simple concept, but like most of the best ideas; they are simple. In this podcast we talk to Justin Comstock about how came up with the idea of FretDeck. Further to this, we discuss his career as a player and how he managed to get through the maze of Kickstarter to see his dream idea become a reality.

Podcast Ep 14 – Table Of Contents

1.20 Introductions.
2.30 What was the inspiration for FretDeck?
4.05 Designing FretDeck.
6.25 Getting into the detail.
9.05 The design stage.
10.12 The biggest challenges faced.
11.39 Moving the idea onto Kickstarter.
15.55 Ideas for the next FretDeck?
17.03 How much does FretDeck cost?
18.23 Justin’s playing career and development.
20.10 Plans for the future.
22.40 The benefits of using Kickstarter!


More About FretDeck

The FretDeck promo video kind of says it all, but we think the moving cards are pretty groovy. It probably took an absolute age to create this animation with the stop motion technique.

Starting Out With FretDeck

Justin gives an overview of how to use and get the most from his invention.

A Little About Jason

Here is a little about Jason from his own website and in his own words.

Hi! My name is Justin Comstock. I am the owner of Comstock Guitar Studio and the creator of the FretDeck. I have been playing the guitar since I was 11 years old. I started teaching the guitar during high school and have over 14 years of experience in teaching guitar. During high school I took music theory AP and continued learning more after graduating. Music has always been my passion and I enjoy helping others learn. I enjoy hearing my students write their own music and seeing what they can accomplish on the guitar.

I would like to tell you why I created this fantastic product for guitar players.

One evening while I was watching TV, I tuned into a Stevie Ray Vaughn concert that I have seen many times prior. As I watched this amazing guitarist play across the fretboard, I realized that he was playing pentatonic scales on the entire guitar. I thought if only other guitar players could understand the fretboard like Stevie Ray Vaughn. My goal is to help guitar players master the entire fret board in every single key so they feel more comfortable playing the guitar.

So, I created the FretDeck!

You can find out more about FretDeck and purchasing it by clicking FretDeck.

On Justins blog he has a series of great articles for guitarists.

The FretDeck pitch on the Kickstarter website.

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This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, Guitar & Music Institute may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.